31 December 2012

Still Here..End of Year

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post. I have been really busy.  I have some things that are in the process of being "taken care of" and I am hoping beyond hope I will have some good news to share the end of this week. It will definitely explain a lot. 

I have been getting some things done, just not as much as I hoped or to be honest, what I should have been doing.

I finished a scarf and a pair of socks this week and started something new. I will update those on Friday with the Needles post.

I finished my January little houses hand embroidery.

I am almost finished with two more projects. I just have to sew the sleeves and the labels down. So those will actually be my first two finishes for the New Year...yay.

I am hoping to have lots of finishes for 2013 but I don't think that will start to happen until at least March, unless I can use Harry Potter's wand to speed things up.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year....til next year.


03 December 2012

Design Wall Monday on Easy Street 12/3/2012

I don't have much to show for this week. I was busy but I don't really know what I was busy doing.  I wasn't online much either, as some of my acquaintances noticed as well.

I did get my Easy Street part 2 done. I am still keeping up for now. I will probably fall a little behind with the next step since my work schedule is a little bit hectic. Oh well..what can you do..

I went ahead and cut the extra rectangles so I would be a little bit ahead.  I spent one day on the right wings and the next day on the left wings, it actually went pretty quick.
And, then because I never have enough to do I started another BOM..Spring Bouquet from Laundry Basket Quilts.  This one is already pre-cut and pre-fused. I thought it would be quick but really it took longer than I thought. I cut all of the backgrounds out then went to fuse.  Remembered light box so searched for that, found it, then had to search for the tape.  So, what I thought would only be about a 45 minute project took about an hour and a half and I didn't even sew anything down.  Good news is ...block one is now ready, I only have 13 more to do (well 8 blocks and 4 borders).
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Hope to post a little bit more of my projects this week but who knows...I can only try.
PS.  Still haven't fixed the dang it block from last design wall Monday...shows you how out of it I was this past week......ugh...