11 April 2011

Mug Rugs

Since getting back from my week up in Denver with my mom I have been kind of lost with what I want to do.  I have a million things I "need" to do but have no clue where to start.

I finished up a quick top for my local charity group, it was really simple.  I just had to sew squares together which I did in 4 patch style until I had 64 patches then I sewed them together and voila...it was done.  It was just a random bunch of flannel squares. So that is ready to take back to they can back it and put it in the tying pile.

I then just decided to work on some mug rugs.  I have a boat load of fabric panels so I just layered them and quilted them quickly.  It was a mindless project which it seems I needed. I still have a ton to do but I figure a few here and there and they will eventually get done.  I try and sell them in my Etsy shop and then I save some for quick gifts.

I have tons more but I figured this was enough.

Hope you all have tons of fun and get lots of sewing done.

Off to figure out what I want to do....

03 April 2011

Denver Bronco Purse

I procrastinated all week on making this. Why? I really don't know. I did go through a phase where I made about 20 of them and I have been staying away from them since then.  In all honesty they really aren't that hard to make so maybe soon I will get back into the swing of things.

I made this for a friend of my sisters so hopefully she will enjoy it.  Sorry the pictures came out so dark don't know what was up with that.


Quilt and Stitch Expo

Yesterday I went to my LQS for my month Patriots and Petticoats quilt class and while I was there I found out that there was a quilt show down in Pueblo. Well since Pueblo is only about an hour away from home, I thought what the heck.  I ran by the house to tell hubby and grab the camera and off I went.

They had a fabric challenge, "Frankly My Dear", and you had to use all of the six fabrics shown.

They also had classes and of course the lovely vendors.

While I didn't get a lot of pictures and these may not be the best (I really do stink at taking them). I thought I would share a little bit of what I saw.

Hope these little bit of eye candy will spark a little creativity.


Update:  Mom is doing very well and should be able to move from the hospital to outpatient next week which means she could be back home in 3 weeks.

02 April 2011

Not Meeting In The Middle

Well you can remember from an earlier post that I was working on Judy's pattern Meeting in the Middle . 

I kept working on it and working on it and kept thinking something was off but couldn't quit figure out what it was.  Well needless to say now that the complete top is done...I do know what the problem is.  Am I going to take it all apart and fix it..NO...it has now become a design decision and will stay as is. 

Did figure it out?......Yeppers the brown was supposed to continue into the blocks...oh well.  It really doesn't look that bad to me....and it will end up being a charity quilt I'm sure.

Guess now I will quadruple check when something just seems out of whack instead of soldiering on.

Well off to do more cutting and sewing and cleaning.....getting stuff ready for a give away so stay tuned.....


01 April 2011

Yikes!!!! Half Square Triangles

I was on a mission to do the quilt a long over at Patchwork Times, Meet In The Middle, but I was not in the mood to do another bagillion (well only 144) HST. I have a love hate relationship with them and since Bonnie's RRCB they have been on the hate side. So since I knew these were not totally scrappy I decided to try my Triangulations CD.  Well let me tell you---I finished all 144 of them in less than two hours, from printing, to cutting, to dog ears and squaring up (which there is little if none of that).

Print out from the computer in the size I needed. I then trimmed to about 1/4 on each side.
 Measured my fabrics, I added an inch total and it was really close, layered them RST, put print out on top, took to sewing machine and followed the lines to sew, and voila...DONE

Followed the cutting lines and here you go.  It was kind of a pain to take out the papers but in reality those few minutes were nothing compared to having to cut everything another way.

I will definitely keep this method in mind for down the road when more of those pesky little creatures appear.

Stay tuned for more pics of my Meet in the Middle.