05 November 2014

Feeling Blue and Green

I have been working on a sample for a class I am teaching next year. The goal is to get it done before our After Market Party. Which is a little thing at work where you can come and look at things we will be offering in the store next year and stuff they bought at Quilt Market.

It seemed to take forever but in reality it didn't.
Rows 1-20 
Rows 1-42

I now have the borders on but didn't get a picture yet (all 3 are mitered too). Next on my agenda is quilting and binding it. Hope to have pictures soon.


04 November 2014

I've Been Cleaning

A couple of months ago we rearranged my sewing room and I never really liked it. So this past weekend I was at it again. This time I took down my mid-arm frame, going to sell it, since I never use it anyway. I took everything out of my Koala table and cabinet and am going to sell that too. I just don't have enough room.

I cleaned out my spare bedroom, fabric closet and everywhere else in the basement I had set quilty things. I even had stuff in boxes still from when we moved and that was almost 2 years ago.

I listed some stuff on Craig's list and have a big pile for Goodwill. I am on a roll.

I bought a new sewing table at Salvation Army (it was even on sale) and I had my hubby make me an awesome table top for my mid arm.

A little bit of the before's in various areas. It really did look worse than this by the time I started cleaning.

The finished area. I still need to clean off the ironing area but have realized with out my Koala I don't really have table space. Towards the end I was putting things in non-designated areas just to get it out of the other room. Next thing on my agenda is some more storage units.

This closet now has a lot more fabric in it than it did in this picture. I must get busy sewing.

The almost empty room will have some my yarn stash from upstairs brought down. I just haven't felt like doing that yet either.

I am now off to sew for the first time in my almost clean room. I hope I can keep it that way.

Have a wonderful day.