28 March 2014

Yarn Report 3/28/2014

I do have movement this week, but, I also ended up with some coming in. I can't win for losing that is for sure.

I finished my Cornelia socks. That was 350 out and 2 skeins.

I finished 3 dishcloths. That was 285 yards and 2 skeins.

I also received a package from the Loopy Ewe. My march giftables club. I love the yarn and the pattern. Although, the pattern calls for 2 skeins. So, I either have to make it smaller or I have to buy another skein.

Yarn of Richard Devrieze  Peppino in Agawa Canyon. So 225 yds or 1 skein in.

I also love, love, love the bag that it came with and the yarn feels awesome.

Used this Week: 4 skeins
Used this Year: 8.5 skeins
Added this week: 1 skeins
Added this Year: 45 skeins
Net Used this Year : -36.5 skeins 

Used this Week: 635  yards
Used this Year: 1877 yards

Added this week: 225 yards
Added this Year: 5805 yards
Net Used this Year : 
- 2282 yards (must get knitting)

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Have a great weekend everyone. Off to rearrange a little, quilt a little (I hope) and do some applique and maybe some knitting.


On The Needles 3/28/14

Progress. I have progress. Not as much as I would like, of course, but some none the less.

I finished my Cornelia Socks for the Loopy Challenge. I literally and wove in the ends about 3 minutes ago. I forgot I still had to do the Kitchener stitch when I was getting ready to write this post.

These will be off to soak this morning.
I also switched gears a little bit and made some dish cloths. I did one knitting and 2 crocheting. I used to crochet all of the time but my hands don't like it anymore. I can sit and knit all day with no pain. Not so much with the crocheting. I was able to knock  of these out then my hands rebelled. It is really hard for me to knit or crochet with the cotton yarn, doesn't move as smoothly I guess.
I still have to give them a little blocking love. I wanted to finish up the skein of purple so I just crocheted another one just smaller. I love the smaller size ones anyway. My goal was to do one a month this year. I just smacked out 3 of them so I guess I can wait until June and do three more really quick. Might save my hands as well.
Then, instead of starting something new, which I really, really wanted to do, I went back to the Kimono Cardigan. I am almost done with one piece. I  only have about 6 more inches. I then will have 4 more pieces and then I will be done. So, maybe the completion date will be sometime in 2050..
I'm assuming I will have to block before I put the pieces together since the sides of this love to curl in.
I'm hoping I will be able to show as much progress next week but I doubt it. I have some major applique I need to work on. Oh well, there is always the week or two after right?
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Come back this afternoon and check out the numbers. They have gone done but I did it a little box of fun in the mail as well.

24 March 2014

Design Wall Monday 3/24/2014

I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that done, or going on. It seems like all I do lately is a little of everything. I think I would really like to be able to sit down and just get something completed. Someday soon maybe.

Downton Abbey Mystery in Sybil color way. Told my sister it would be for Christmas but I probably wouldn't get it done until February. That didn't happen so this is my Sunday work. I only do one set of blocks. Told her she might get it for her birthday, which is in October.

Mastering Miniatures month 2. I have one more block to do and this month will be done.

Loyal Union Sampler. Row 1 done working on Row 2. Class starts next month so I really have to stay up on this one. We will be doing 8 blocks a month for 18 months. I usually work on this one on Tuesdays and try and get 2 blocks done.

One of my blocks from LUS - it took me 3 hours to do this puppy. I just really love set in seams. NOT...good news is I never have to make this blocks again.
I also have Sylvia's Bridal Sampler going on - I do 2 blocks on Monday. I will show that another week since I had no more room on the design wall. This one will be done in August (after a little over 2 years).
I still have my Downton Ladies up on the DW as well. I'm hoping to get that one done this week but I am also working on my next Jo's club. I really need more time in the day and less procrastination.
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21 March 2014

Yarn Report 3/21/2014

One of these days my numbers will be good. When? I have no idea but one can only hope. I am still working on my sock. Hopefully I will have that finished by next week. I then plan on making some dish cloths. Of course, I had to go buy some yarn to satisfy that desire.

Hopefully between the sock and some dish cloths I can make a little dent here.

Used this Week: 0 skeins
Used this Year: 4.5 skeins
Added this week: 6 skeins
Added this Year: 44 skeins
Net Used this Year : -39.5 skeins 

Used this Week: 0  yards
Used this Year: 1242 yards

Added this week: 815 yards
Added this Year: 5580 yards
Net Used this Year : 
- 3523 yards (must get knitting)

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Have a great knitting week everyone.


On The Needles 3/21/2014

Didn't work on my sock as much as I wanted but I still made progress. I am hoping to finish it up before the next Needles post. That way I will be a head with the Loopy Challenge.

The kiddos are out of school next week for Spring Break and I only have to work one day so hopefully between football practice, football scrimmages, track practice, track meets (mind you that is only one kiddo) and hubby being home for a couple of days I can get some major stuff accomplished. One can only hope.

I even faltered and bought some yarn. Gotta fix that. Too much coming in not enough going out.


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17 March 2014

Design Wall Monday 3/17/2014

I have been busy. I just don't have a lot to show for it. I think this is becoming the story of my life.

I did finish 4 more blocks for the Downton Abbey Mystery. I just forgot to take a picture.

I also finished a mini quilt and am in the process of putting the binding on it. I also forgot to take a picture.

I finished the top for the next Jo's club, still needs to be quilted.

I have on my design wall my Downton Abbey Ladies quilt. It doesn't look as good as it did yesterday but it is ready for the sashing to be put on.

There will be sashing around each block. It will look so much better when it is done.
I finished 7 blocks of Sylvia's bridal sampler, and again no pictures. I also finished 4 more Loyal Union Sampler Blocks and of course no pictures.
I also finished 4 Mastering Miniatures blocks - that was a blog post of it its own.
I think I need to keep my camera attached so I have proof that I have finished these things. It also makes for a more interesting blog post as well.
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14 March 2014

On the Needles 3/14/2014

I am knitting. I really am.

Remember the Honey Cowl?

I was going to make this my Spring Loopy challenge. Well, I didn't like it so much. I decided to make a pair of thicker socks. I actually finished the first sock the other night but waited to graft it until yesterday. I have to really concentrate so I wait until no one is at home and I talk really loudly while I am doing it. Hey, no one said I was normal.

I love how the little bit of pooling happened. I think it will be a nice pair of crazy socks. I still have to use the pattern that I originally was taught with. For some reason I still get lost and confused if I try something different. Go figure. I must say that I would really like to learn how to do the toe a little bit differently. I really don't like the boxy look but I guess that will come with time.

I now have 2 weeks give or take to get the next sock finished before the deadline. That will also help me with my little challenge of finishing one set of socks a quarter.

I think I will have enough yarn left to make my niece a funky little set as well. Will have to make them a little bit bigger though since she seems to grow like a weed.

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As soon as I get the other one done my yarn stash will change too. I haven't been posting the last couple of weeks since nothing in and nothing out is the norm around here.

12 March 2014

Little Bits

I have a lot going on still as usual. I set up a new routine to get things done in the crafty world and it seems to be working.

I finished my first month of Mastering Miniatures. I ended up doing 2 blocks today instead of the schedule of one a week. I have it set to do on Friday but I work this Friday so thought I would get it done early.

They don't go next to each other in the quilt and there is a block that goes in between but I can say that I have had no problems with these little things. Must be the size. These are 6.5" unfinished which is also what I am working on with Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and Loyal Union Sampler. Must be by destiny.
I also finished the center to my Basket Parade from my Jo's Little Women's club. I have been getting the patterns for 3 years now and told myself this would be the year that I try and get them done every month. We shall see how that works.
I have to trim this down. There is a flying geese border left to do. This quilt also has 32 appliqued baskets. I have 19 prepped and 2 done. Good thing this is on the schedule to be spread out through the year.
I really am enjoying this less work thing.
Off to sew....

03 March 2014

Design Wall 3/3/2014

I have been working most Monday's the last couple of months and I keep forgetting to post my Design Wall Monday. I have been very busy even though it may not seem like it. I have a lot more going on than I have pictures but what's new right.

I started a new BOM - Mastering Miniatures so I couldn't resist making a few of these right away even though I have tons of things to do. I figure I will make one block a week, and since I work Friday I went ahead and made this weeks as well.

I also made a mini quilt yesterday using Jaybird Quilts Pattern Northern Lights. I am taking it in to work as a sample and I have one more mini to make. These use the new hexagon mini ruler and I love it.

I have since washed, dried and removed every stray thread. Which wasn't an easy task. I bet I un-sewed parts of this top 4 or 5 times. I couldn't seem to get my brain to work.I think I will make another one of these with civil war scrappy prints. Depending on how you lay out the rows this quilt could have tons of different looks.
On a side note, my niece asked if I had any skull fabric. As a matter of fact I did. She needed a poncho to fit a soda can.  Hmmmm..well I came up with this.
It looks better flattened down and would look better on a taller can but what can you do?

I am also working on  Jo's Little Women's club applique quilt I will try to post pictures next week. I am also working on a Downton Abbey Ladies quilt almost done with the 50 blocks. I also have Downton Abbey Mystery going on. Not to mention Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and Loyal Union Sampler. I could keep going that's for sure.
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Have a great day,