30 October 2010

Still Alive

I didn't realize that it has been so long since my last entry, but alas I am alive and here.  I have just been really busy, doing what I can't quit figure out. 

I did get all of my charity work caught up and I am done for awhile. I did 3 flimsies in Christmas fabric and cut out a few more kits.  Monday I will take them with me to the meeting and the tub of Christmas fabric that has been taking up space in my quilt room.

I haven't done a whole lot of quilting but I have done a whole bunch of spending, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

My iron was on the fritz, even though I just bought it in July, so I now am a proud owner of a new iron.  I used it today and so far so good, I think I am in love....

I also went and bought me  one of these...

I bought this, the strip cutter die for the 1 1/2, 2, and 2 1/2 strips and today I also bought the 2 in squares, this coupled with the ones that came with the system should keep me occupied for awhile.  I haven't used it yet but I am hoping in the next week or two....

I also finished this Ace of Cakes table topper, it is in the flimsy stage and will go in my pile of "to be quilted sometime in this lifetime" pile.  My middle son Ryan is the holder, since dad and brother are at the Air Force Falcons game..

I am still working on my leaders and enders for Sister's Nine Patch, I am hoping to have that portion done in the next couple of weeks, but it probably won't happen with Christmas projects needing to be done.

I take my machine for a cleaning on Wednesday and after that it is embroidery like a mad man to get all of my projects done.  There is not a lot of things to do but it is a little bit for everybody so I will be working assembly line construction.  My goal is to be done with it all before Thanksgiving.  I think I can, I think I can will be my mantra this week.

Well off I go to clean up the sewing room from today's session.


15 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Quilted With Love, one of the online groups I belong to holds a scavenger hunt in the fall.  We all sign up, get the list and are given the name to send to.  Our list this year was...

1. an apple
2. something brown
3. napkins
4. something leafy
5. a snack
6. a sunflower
7. note cards
8. something re gifted from our sewing room
9. pair of socks
10. spool of fall coloured thread

Well I received just the neatest things and they really came at a blah day as well. 

The pin cushion is just awesome, since I collect them it is even better. I also loved the scarf - it will be great here in the frozen tundra of Colorado.

I love the fact that the sunflower cookie cutter came with a recipe, and the "leafy" cake decorations are loved by my boys along with the Halloween ones. I will enjoy the nuts if I can keep my boys away from them.

So when you are feeling down getting gifts in the mail is a great way to make you feel ooh lala...

We are starting a secret sister as well and it is just so fun picking things out for others.

Hope you all enjoy the little glimpse into my happy moment of the day.

Although I can say my son almost didn't make it through the day, the package came wrapped in bubble wrap...needless to say my nosey son snagged it up in a jiffy and proceeded to pop it on and off all afternoon....and of course it was always when I wasn't paying attention....so I kept jumping around today thinking gun shots were going off.... he can get them to pop really loud.

Enjoy your weekend.


10 October 2010

The owl knows...

he is just too cute.

I made this owl awhile back and kept forgetting to take a picture, well here it is.  He is supposed to be a pin cushion but he is too cute so I keep him in my windowsill, well until the cat wants that spot anyway.

I also finished the 3 charity quilt tops that I was tasked with and along with the 35 kits I made I am now thinking I am done. I will still help out on Monday's of course but I am taking a break from stuff at home. I haven't been able to get much of my stuff done, the sad thing is I feel guilty if I don't do everything they ask, but you know there is only one of me.

One of these days I will figure out how to take a picture with out my feet in it, guess it is just adding character.

I finished a pot holder, candle mat yesterday my first one ever.  It turned out pretty good until the binding. I tried to machine sew it on and it didn't work to well. Guess I will have to keep experimenting with that aspect.  I think the next time I will sew it from the back to the front and then put a decorative stitch on it.  I know how to do it from front to back using some steam a seam but since these are so quick to make I was looking for a quickie way to finish.  I guess that is what I get for being in a hurry.

I am getting ready to start a small wall hanging  "Quaint Little Quilts #4" I had all of the fabric ironed and then remembered it is applique.  So will get that ready and then put the other fabric aside until I get the applique done.  This is needle turn applique and the first time I have done it.  So we shall see how that goes.

Well off to find something quick, fun, and easy to do.  I need a break from new things that is for sure. Maybe I will pull out one of my strip kits and work on that. I still am doing my leaders and enders in reds I only need 369 of them and I have 120  row 1's done. 

Football, pizza and sewing....life is good...now if I could just get used to the cooler weather here in CO.


05 October 2010


TNT - Tips and Techniques for machine embroidery was the class I took on Saturday.  The instructor, Kay McCain, sold me my first Bernina and is a friend of mine from Las Vegas.  It was rather interesting because she didn't know I was going to be there. So it was a pleasant surprise. I did enjoy the class, she is a wealth of knowledge on machine embroidery and the Bernina machine for sure. I also met a couple of new people so that was nice as well. Our class project was putting a design on a canvas bag. It is really quick and easy and they would make great gifts.
We were able to do all of our projects on the Bernina 830. I want one!!!!

Unique idea for gifts, just embroidery the design and put them in these coaster holders.

Close up of the hearts on the bag. Applique style.

Completed bag after serging the side closed again.
After this class, my mind was buzzing with ideas on things to get done. Then I came home.  I haven't done a thing since this class on Saturday. I have been hit by the blah bug big time.

Since today is a new day, I vowed to get some stuff done.  I have 3 projects for the local Quilts from The Heart charity group I need to finish, so those are first on my agenda and then who knows what next.  I have plenty of time. Just need to get the wash on the line and then the rest of the day is mine, or at least into 330. So off I go.

Enjoy your day,


01 October 2010

I really do finish ....

Lately I have been so busy doing hundreds of things that I never feel like I finish anything.  I went around the house the other day taking photos of some quilts that were in fact done.

So today is a day to show some finishes......

I also finally completed piecing the top with the embroidery designs from a couple of weeks ago. I will have a picture sometime this weekend.

I was on a mission last weekend to make Christmas kits for our local charity group to sew. I spent 3 days and made 31 kits.  Right now I am already so tired of Christmas fabric it is not funny. 

I don't know how much I will get done this weekend...I have a TNT embroidery class tomorrow.  Which will be really neat since the teacher is someone I know from Las Vegas and she doesn't know that I will be there. So I am hoping for a nice surprise there. 

I have been kind of "out of it" lately with all of this volunteering and doing for others that I really need to find something for me to do.  I don't feel like working on "Joy" right now so maybe today I can find something that interests me...I do have plenty to choose from.

Well off to get the kids ready for school.  Have a wonderful weekend and get alot accomplished.