29 March 2013

No Pooling For Me

Judy over at Patchwork Times has a pooling challenge for socks going on.  I'm a slow knitter but I love socks so I thought what the heck..I have 2 months until the dead line. Yeah right....I can't get a sock to pool for the life of me.

I have attempted 4 different yarns (I think), and still no such luck and the sad thing is I refuse to tink the ones I have already started. So, in the last week I have cast on at least 4 socks..I can say I did take the first one apart but that is it.  I have one more pair of needles and a couple more sock yarns I might try...if not I will give up and at least try and have one of these sets of socks done before the challenge is over.  Good news is I will get a set of socks done right....

First attempt...no such luck..ended up taking it off the needles. Does look pretty all caked up though.

Second attempt..Haven't used the brown one yet..

Turned out to have great stripes though...

Great stripe but I don't even know where the picture went with the calendar and before caking
Latest attempt...still working on the ribbing..so maybe I will have some time tonight to get into the leg and some miracle will occur and after upteen attempts I will have a pool.

I did cast all of these on with 2.5mm needles and 64 stitches...it is a plain vanilla sock and I am just not that good with going out of the box yet.  I kept using the same size needles because for some reason I have a ton of them.. I do have a couple more choices I may try since I do have a few days until March is over...hmmm what to do...

I can say that I will be ordering me some more Cubics needles I love them....

Well off to find some pools..for more pooling head on over to Judy's.


PS.  I even thought about taking a nice drive up to The Loopy Ewe this weekend, that is how crazy this is making me.  In a good way..I think.

11 March 2013

Design Wall Monday 3/11/13

I was busy this last week..well mostly Sunday.

I finished my Vista 1 top. I ended up not quilting it but it is now at the store hanging with the kits.


I also finished April's Schnibbles quilt for class...this was Decoy made with Love Letters fabric. I ended up just meandering the whole thing, but now I wish I would have done something different...oh well..

I then was able to finish piecing the top for May Schnibbles. Cindy Lou Who?.  It didn't come out exactly the way I had wanted it but it still works.  I didn't have enough of the colors I wanted to use in my charm packs but it is good.  Now, hopefully I can get this puppy quilted this week.

I hope to get some sewing done this week but there might not be much of that. Football for the boys starts tonight.  Which in turn means practice for one of them everyday but Sunday.  I usually don't have to worry about it since hubby is one of the coaches, but, Ryan (middle son) is playing this year and he is on a different team at a different field. So I am now the designated practice person for him, except on Monday's...yeah...hopefully I will get lots of knitting and hand sewing done in those 2 hours..or maybe just read who knows.

For more eye candy head on over to Judy's.

Off to knit a little before I work the late shift today...


04 March 2013

Deisgn Wall Monday 3/4/2013

My design wall is still full with Dear Jane, Sylvia's and Bowtie Blocks. So I have moved to the ironing board.

This is a shop sample that as soon as I get the rows sewn together it will be done. I was going to quilt it but I have to much on my plate right now...What's new right.

These are the bottom rows.  It continues from the purple all the way up to pink with yellow and orange in it as well.
I am hoping to finish this today.  I also have a Schnibble to quilt and another one to start (May's class).  I don't seem to ever catch up.
Good news though I finished 10 more Dear Jane blocks.  I have less than 50 left and can not wait to be done.
For more eye candy head on over to Judy's
Take care,