27 July 2012

On The Needles Friday 7/27/12

It has been a very busy week here and not a bunch of stuff done. It will be another busy week as well, we have company coming in tonight for a week so life as I know it will be crazy.

I finished my first sock at class on Monday...it really wasn't that difficult..of course I had to do the kitchener stitch threee times on my sock before I figured out what I was doing. Oh well, it was a learning experience.

I did cast on the second sock and as of last night I am ready to start the heel flap..hope I can remember what I did on the first sock so that I can finish the second one.

I also worked on a dishrag this week.  You really cant tell from the picture but there is a butterfly in the pattern.  I don't know if I life working with the cotton yarn.  It has absolutely no give in it and by the time I was done with a couple of rows my hands were killing me.  I even used metal needles. Don't know if I will be making many more of these even though they are easy and should be quick.

I still have my scarf to do as well. I haven't worked on that since starting the socks. I'm getting almost as bad with my knitting ufo's as I am with my quilting ones, and I haven't even been doing it very long. I am not even going to mention the 3 crocheted ones I have..nope not at all.

On a side note I spent an hour trying to teach my mom to cast on and to knit...lets just say I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  It was fun though....well I am off to work then home to finish cleaning house before company arrives late tonight.

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23 July 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 4

Life has been busy and my kiddos having been bringing boxes in almost everyday from the postman.  I delivered 32 quilts today to the local guild for the first delivery this Saturday.  I have six quilts heading out to a long armer.

I have to take a break this week...company coming Friday so I have to clean and get things ready and most important I have a DJ class next week and so far I only have 1 block done.  I hope I can get the other 9 done between now and then..wish me luck.

Here is another picture heavy post of all the wonderful quilts I have received so far.

You know when you look at the last photo, which shows all 32 quilts, it doesn't really look like a lot. But,  when you pick them up to move them and refuse to go the long way around it is really easy to get stuck between the refrigerator and the counter with a stack of quilts in your arms...not that I know about this of course...so needless to say my hubby came to my rescue and grabbed the other stack of quilts...guess he didn't really like the squealing and grunting as I forced my way through...but hey I did make it with a minimal of bruising.

Have a great day everyone,


20 July 2012

On The Needles Friday 7/20/2012

Well I made some progress on my first ever sock. It took me awhile but I was able to keep up with the homework for both weeks and am now done with this weeks. My final class is on Monday.

I decided turning the heel is easy it is that stinking going up the side gusset thing that had me confused, but I did get it. Of course we were in class so I had help...just hope I can do the second one with out mishap.

I was working on the decreases the other day just cruising along decreasing, and decreasing, and decreasing..then realized if I keep decreasing I won't have a leg opening...duh...light bulb moment.  Well for a newbie it is really hard to unknit...I can unknit the purls and the knits but those stinking knit 2 together and those SSK are just a pain...I only had to rounds I had to undo..thank goodness for the light bulb moment (so I didn't have to do like 10 rounds).  I don't think I did it completely right but I can only see one small mistake and I am content with it.  I don't have any holes and it looks good for my first pair.

I then was knitting away thinking I had to get to 9 inches for the instep..decided to try the sock on and really I could have stopped about 1/2 inch back but I am good.  I only ended up needing 6 inches so that was good. I have a hole in my finger from the needles.  I'm gonna have to pull out the finger protectors for sure.

Hope to get the second sock started tonight.

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Have a great weekend everyone....I am off to work  then the doctors.  Tomorrow is school shopping, this is the year both boys decided to outgrow everything...ugh..


19 July 2012

One Down...... Many To Go

Yesterday I was off of work so I took some time to open the last box I received in the mail and to go log in the other quilts I received.

I had received some quilts from a group in Alaska, one of the grandson's lives here so he brought them back from his recent trip. They were dropped off at work on Monday night and I brought them home with me Tuesday. So today I opened the back, sorted and posted them in my database and took pictures.

I then was trying to figure out what to do with myself today other than Dear Jane so....there was this one quilt from my Friends In Alaska (that is my nickname for those wonderful ladies out there) that was already pieced, basted and ready for quilting. I did a quick iron and off I went.  I just did a simple in the ditch quilting...added a binding...machine sewed it down (one of these days I hope it gets easier for me) and washed and dried it. 

I am trying to get as many done before next weeks first distribution so it was nice that within a couple of hours I had one done.  I have four quilts now that are in need of tying so that is what will be on my agenda for the next couple of evenings so I can get a few more done quickly.

I will then start working on the other quilts. I don't think there will be any rhyme or reason in the order I complete them but I will get them done.

This was the first picture yesterday morning after opening the package.

Yesterday afternoon after washed and dried..now it is folded up and ready to go.

Have a wonderful day.


18 July 2012

Waldo Canyon Part 3

I am so thankful to all of the wonderful people sending in quilts and quilt tops.  It is just a wonderful things that warms my heart.

Here is my next installment of tops and quilts received.  It is awesome.  I have a total of 15 that are ready for distribution next Saturday. I am hoping to get a few more done before then.

The last picture is the pile of tops to go on the left and the piles to be quilted are the two on the right.  Guess I will be busy for the next couple of months...but that is a good thing.

Again, a heart felt thanks to everyone who has helped.


17 July 2012

Waldo Canyon Quilts Part 2

Here are some more pictures of the lovely quilts and quilt tops I have received so far. I am hoping to get some out and ready to go for the 28th of this month. There is a group of people from various guilds getting together to give these quilts to the victims of the fire.  I hope I have some time to crank out a few completed quilts from these flimsies I have received.

My photo taking skills do not do these tops and quilts justice that is for sure.

Again, thank everyone so very much.  I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful cards and thoughts as well.