12 February 2016

On the Needles Feb. 12, 16

I missed the last On the Needles which was just as well since my projects that were on the needles were all ripped out. I made mistakes on both of them so had to start over. Go figure.

I am working on Loopy Academy Projects because I don't have enough other stuff on the needles to work on. I can say I haven't worked on any of them either. If I don't get back to the pullover for my niece she will be too big for it.

I am working on my socks, which when I finish will be my first pair on magic loop. I spent 2 days at the beginning of the year trying to do two at a time and couldn't get it. Someone recommended doing one at a time til I got the hang of it and by golly it is working a little bit easier for me. As of right now I can say I really like the way it knits. It is a lot easier on my hands to compared to DPN's as well.

Saltwater Taffy yarn by Julie Spins. I can say it reminds me more of sand and surf than taffy but I am loving it. I was going to make ankle socks but I think I will just keep going and make full socks.

My second project for Loopy Academy was a twisted stitch. I chose Linden Loop. It doesn't look like much here but the stitches are awesome. I ripped this one out twice, go figure. I just can not work on anything that has more than simple stitches while anyone is around. Although, I must admit, when working on this I say the pattern out loud continuously. So if there was some one listening in they would think I was crazy. Who knows maybe I am. 

I am 1.5 repeats in so I only have 1.5 to go. I honestly can not wait. I am so tired of doing tbl ( get confused easily) that I could scream and don't get me started on the yo's. I did learn to do my first slpsso so that is a good thing.

I am hoping to at least have the cowl done by next week. Maybe a sock but they are slow going for me.

Linden Loop in Rios (I think)

For more ideas head on over to Judy's ( who I think is going to Fling this year - and so am I ).

Have a great weekend and get lots done.


11 February 2016

Farmers Wife 30's - Feb Blocks

I finally stopped procrastinating and finished my last 2 blocks for February. It had nothing to do with the fact that I need them by next Saturday and I work 3 days next week either....nope...not at all.

It turned out the last 2 were rather easy compared to the one before that.

Sonnie (92) - paper pieced this little thing.
 There were some mighty small pieces in that 9 patch.

Prudence (87) - template.
I originally tried to paper piece but with those pesky set in seams I had to rethink.
Out came the template and that is the way I went. It still looks a little wonky but in the grand scheme of things I know it will be ok.

Jewel (46) - paper pieced and easy. Nice for a change

Milly (62) - Just some regular HST's. Although it does look a little busy but that is the way the pattern went. I just substituted pink where green was supposed to go.

I am now ready to move one to March blocks (well, maybe next week) lets just hope I have some more easy ones.  I now have 8/99 done. On a roll.


07 February 2016

Stash Report 4 Feb 7, 2016

I finished my quilting and binding for my quilt class in March. So there is 2 yds for backing and 1/3 yard for binding out. I did have to buy the binding so that is 1/3 of a yard in. I also had some stash enhancement show up for my Loopy Academy fabric side - 2 charm packs and some yardage for a total of 6.38 yards.

I also finished two small tops for classes coming up. That was a little bit of yardage but it helped. 1.535 for Cheddar Baskets (out) and .48 yds for Winding Road (out).

But my Frivols kit came in so that was 6.985 yards in

My numbers are getting worse.

Out was 4.355 and in was 21.04

Fabric Used this Week: 4.36 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 31.62 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 21.04 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 21.04 yards
Net Fabric for 2016: 10.58 yards used (still in the good  barely:) )

I of course had some yarn come in for my Loopy Academy. I better start knitting faster. Another few are on their way. I had 2 Malabrigo Rios in Paris Night - Mad Tosh Sock one Vintage Apron and 1 Nassau Blue (these I ordered more of) I loved them and decided to use them for something else therefore I had to order more plus a different yarn for my Academy project - go figure - and Julie Spins Euro Sock in Saltwater Taffy.

Yarn Used this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Used year to Date: 1000 yards
Yarn Added this Week: 1645 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 1645 yards
Net Yarn for 2016: -645 yards used Must knit faster

I am now off to craft - I have some knitting, hand quilting, and applique to do but the Broncos play today so I will be doing nothing during the game.

For more inspiration head on over to Judy's


03 February 2016

When it Snows it Sews

We have been under a little bit of snow the last couple of days. The kids have been out of school for 3 days. I was off for two days then received a snow day for the third day. Makes my work week only 2 days this week. So with the weekend, I have been able to craft for 5 days in a row.

Good thing is....I have done a few things.
Bad thing is...I have to go back to work tomorrow. It's all good.

My co-worker decided she was going to Jo Morton's retreat again, all the nerve. So I was asked nicely to teach her March class. She was even kind enough to give me the pattern early so that I could even do my own sample. She is such a lovely person.

Cheddar Baskets - all from my scrap bucket. I did have to applique the handles down so it took me 2 days to get it done.

Yes I have a lot of pins in there. I am looking to be safe than sorry. Why? You ask. I have decided on attempting to hand quilt this little bad boy. Have I ever done it before...no. I had planned on starting this the other night but the spool of Valdani that I was going to use has disappeared. It has only been in the same spot forever and I guess in one of my cleaning moments I moved it.  Hoping to find it and get started soon.

My second Little House on the Prairie applique section is done. I even have the third section prepped and ready to go. I am really on this applique kick lately. I have another piece prepped but will show that another day. Unfortunately, my hands only allow me to do a little bit at a time. Ironically though my vision is going to hell in a hand basket and I have had to stop lately because I can't see and not my thumbs. Go figure. Especially when I realized that if I applique every other day I am good to go and I can even go a little bit longer than usual.  Oh well, I do have an appointment on the 22 so hopefully it will help.

I figured since I had an extra day of sewing and I was at a loss  procrastinating on what I should be working on (can anyone say Farmer's Wife 30's). I would start my Pre-cut Party quilts for April. There are 3 of them and they are all small. I bought two different charm packs and mixed them up. 

This one I finished in about 45 minutes, would have been sooner if I would have been paying closer attention (stinking DVR's) and didn't have to rip out a couple of rows. This one is Winding Road.

I did start the second one and have the 3 squares done but I pooped out. Actually, I didn't but my back did. I will finish the other two this weekend I am sure. I have a light work week next week so I should be able to get a lot done then. 

Is is weird to want to hand quilt this one too. I can just see using some big bright colors and some big stitching. May have to take a trip to get some thread.

Not that I don't have enough to do as it is. I am taking the afternoon off to go knit on my socks. These are on a deadline and my Loopy Academy (yarn and fabric) will be here shortly so that will be 6 more projects to do.

Have a great day and smile YOU ARE BLESSED.


01 February 2016

Design Wall Feb. 1, 2016

It's a finish.

I quilted minimally this morning and just finished machine sewing the binding down. I originally had planned on more intricate quilting, or should I say just more straight line quilting in between the rows, but I changed my mind.

This is the quilt for my March Pre-cut Party. It is made with a Tonga 6-pack. Batiks are really not my cup of tea but this will become a gift for someone.

The backing -  I used stash. Went to by 10.5" cut square drawer and just pulled those puppies out of there. They don't necessarily match the front but it is stash used and looks like a two sided quilt. Which is a win win for me.

I machine sew quite a few bindings on. I save the hand sewn ones for smaller quilts and special ones. My hands have a hard time binding.

Minimal quilting but done.

Stash used on the back.

Since it is a snow day for everyone else but just an off day for me I will go sew and make the boys cook dinner and shovel. Sounds like a plan.

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