23 September 2013

Design Wall Monday 9/23/2013

I tried to resist. I really did. Friday in between making pasta for all the kiddos I took about 45 minutes and caved in. I started the Loyal Union Sampler because doing Sylvia's Bridal Sampler wasn't enough. Although I did show everybody in my class on Saturday so it looks like there will be a class for this one. We won't start it until March/April though. Maybe by then I can get more SBS done.

These were three of the easiest blocks.
I also worked on some applique then I was back to working on my hexie project. I finished sewing to strips together, making the third strip and now I am sewing that one on. I only have one strip left to do after this then I can assemble my handy dandy needle case and of course move on to the next project.
This one is nice because all of the fabric came from my pre-cut scrap bucket.
Off to do some chores then hopefully sew some more today.
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20 September 2013

On The Needles 9/20/13

Not a lot of knitting going on. Well to be honest not a lot of anything going on with being in high school again. Who would have thought I would be taking Algebra, German, Science and World History again this late in life. First child didn't need much help, 3rd child is still doing ok, it is that loving middle child that is taking all of my evening time. You know, the time I usually sit and do handwork or knit. Hopefully it will get easier. I mean we have only been in school for a month and I am already losing my mind.

Any who, while I had company here I decided to do some simple knitting. So I found some yarn and made a dish cloth. Nothing fancy but it was only the second time I actually made one. I hope to get many more done. I think they will make neat gifts.

The weird thing is while I was knitting away on this one, talking to my friend watching baseball I noticed something odd. After a time my brand new wood needles were tinted blue and then I realized so were my fingers and my nails. It dawned on me it was from the yarn. I figured that meant when I went to wash the thing my water would be really blue. Nope, I soaked my rag and not a bit of dye ran. I guess it came all off on my fingers before hand. Who would have thunk it?

I love the way it looks especially how different from front to back.
Off to do some me things before the pasta party tonight. What was I thinking? I will have 30 some high school boys in my house for pasta. Oh I hope it is nice outside so I can herd them out the door.
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19 September 2013

Normalcy Returns?

I have spent the last 3 or so weeks with company coming and going. Add school and sports activities and I can't tell which end is up most of the time.

This last week has finally been a week at home so I was able to get back on track.

So, of course it was Sylvia's Bridal Sampler time....figured I better get them done since class is this Saturday.

Dresden Plate. I English Paper pieced this one then appliqued onto the background.

Tennessee - Not my best work but after doing twice I refused to do it again.

Crow's Foot - pretty nice to have an easy one

Lady of the Lake - for some reason I had to do this one twice couldn't get the triangle units to come out right and after multiple seam rips I ripped the fabric.  Doesn't make for one happy quilter.

Crossed Canoes - another easy one
So far I have done 69 out of 144. Seems like I have done more oh well.  Will keep on trucking along. I am really wanting to start the Union Quilt Sampler that just came out but I have restrained myself so far...
Have a great weekend. I will be back soon with more things I have been working on.

09 September 2013

Design Wall Monday 9/9/13

I have been really busy these past two weeks. Between a friend visiting, soccer, football and school work I have not touched the sewing machine.

I did, however, finish my little hexie top.  I have never done English Paper Piecing before and I absolutely love it, my hands unfortunately don't.

I started this project probably a good 6 months ago. I now just have to starch it and stitch it onto the background fabric and I will have a nifty little table topper.

I used those fun little mini charm packs and my handy Aurifil thread. I cut my hexagons with my Accuquilt Cutter.

I ran out of fabric so placed a white in the middle. If I would have though about it I would have bought a FQ or to finish it more like a diamond. I decided I didn't need another mini charm pack for 8 more hexies so I am leaving as is. I will use a yellow as the background and I might even try my hand at with some big stitch hand quilting.
Hopefully now that life has calmed down to a slight roar I will get some things posted that I finished and some more things done. I am now off to cut a kit for work.
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