06 February 2015

On the Needles 2/6/2015

I missed last week. I had my oldest son get out of the Navy so I was picking him, his wife, and 2 dogs up. It has been a very hectic week.

I actually had my socks finished middle of last week but didn't get around to posting. Since then not a lot of knitting has been going on.

I have worked on youngest son's Seattle hat I am hopefully going to finish that this week.

I received my yarn for Loopy Academy as well so I am hoping to get a good start on that as well.

Vanilla Latte socks - Cant remember the yarn off the top of my head and I am too lazy to go upstairs and get the information.

I have a cat and dog, neither mess with any of my stuff. They are old and know better. Enter my son and his 2 lovely dogs, one which is a Husky and only 11 months old. Here is what happens when you leave your husband in charge to run to the grocery store. Of course this is after I cleaned it up off the floor.

Since then the coral one has been wound (was only in 3 sections so I am hoping to splice it together) Still waiting for son to untangle other two. I am not doing it.

This is one that I was able to find a replacement. Although the colors are way different. I still am hoping that I will be able to use some of the right one. I just haven't messed with it.

This was the quick fix. It doesn't look great but will work for now. If CJ (oldest son) ends up staying longer than a few weeks I will buy some cubes to hold the yarn. In the mean time I am hoping it is safe.

For more beauties head on over to Judy's

My numbers have changed so that is nice. Hoping to have an update on my Yarn Report if I have time to do it later.