24 July 2013

Syvlia's Bridal Sampler - July

 I finished my 5 blocks for July's class. I am thinking I might go ahead and start on August's. I won't have a lot of time next month with Camp Loopy giving my a tall order to fill...800 yards is a lot.

So here are last months.

G4 - Chimneys and Cornerstones

H3 - Sarah's Choice

H4 - Dove in the Window
I3 - Dutchman's Puzzle
I4 - Anvil
I am working on some of the appliqued blocks now so maybe I can be a little bit ahead. I just keep getting side tracked by new projects.  Why is starting something new so much better than finishing something else?

22 July 2013

Design Wall Monday 7/22/13

I thought I was done with samplers. I was wrong. I have Sylvia's in progress and I am starting on two more.  Call me crazy that is for sure.

Here is the first few blocks of Pony Club, it is as I like to call it Farmer's Wife 2.  I may be teaching this class next year but haven't decided yet. These blocks seem huge to me. They finish at 8". So far I have used scraps only, which I like.

Fishing Boat (fb)

Home Treasure (ht)
Pleasant Paths (pp)
I had been working on about a block a day when I had time. I did this one and then realized it was wrong, go figure. I had to do it again of course and I just love set in seams...yeah right.

North Star (ns)
Pony Club only has 90 blocks so it will seem like nothing after DJ and Sylvia's other than the fact that these have a lot of paper piecing and set in seams. Oh well.
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15 July 2013

Design Wall Monday

I have another finish. Who would have thought it. I finished my Sylvia's blocks for the month and decided to quilt a Schnibbles real quick. I even put a label on it.

I work more than usual this week so I don't know how much sewing I'll get done, besides, I have to finish Camp Loopy and I feel like I am behind.


One of the blocks I am working on for SBS is a Dresden plate. So far I don't like it, but I hope I can figure it out and it will get done without major issues.
Still trying to figure out what I want to work on next...sampler for next years class (maybe) or a couple more Schnibbles, or a UFO...hmmm decisions, decisions.
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14 July 2013

Stash Report 1 - Week 7/14/13

I decided at the beginning of the year that I wouldn't start posting reports until after Dear Jane was done and now it is done. Yeah!! I figured every week would more than likely be the same nothing out sometimes stuff in.

I was going to post the first week of July but it would show some zeros as well.

Now, I will let the fun begin and see what happens through the remainder of the year.

I did go to a new quilt shop here and buy a few FQ's and then I received one from work for my birthday.

These are going to go into my "modern" quilt. I just haven't decided which one...it will either be Pony Club or Farmer's Wife. I was going to do the moderns in Nearly Insane but I really like the civil war prints for that. Oh well, I have a little bit longer before I have to decide.

By the way did you know Dear Jane is made out of 5602 pieces. No wonder I was going nuts.

Used this Week: 13 yards
Used year to Date: 13 yards
Added this Week: 2 yards
Added Year to Date: 2 yards
Net Used for 2013: 13 yards

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Off to sew some more now.  Have a great week everyone.

12 July 2013

On the Needles 7/12/2013

With Camp Loopy in full swing I actually have and on and an off the needles. A rare occurrence since I am a slow knitter.

I finished Camp Loopy 1 which was a scarf. I was really excited because I actually finished a week early.
This is the mediation infinity scarf off of Ravelry. I really enjoyed making this and of course I learned a couple new stitches.
I am using this yarn.

This is my Camp Loopy 2 project. I have to use at least 500 yarns and a pattern that had over 100 projects found on Ravelry. So of course I still need simple so here you go. I chose to do Gathered Scarf it does have some new to me stitches as well. For some reason  I don't find this one as enjoyable as the last one. I think it is because I have to pay more attention since it is a 13 row repeat that I can't seem to memorize. The infinity scarf was a 2 row repeat and I got that one done pretty quick. I also have to use 2 needle sizes on this one and it is a small pain going from a size 4 back up to a 7 with a kfb but I will get r done. I just hope I can have a week break with this one as well. Especially since my quilting/sewing time seems to suffer a bit when I am knitting so much.
On a lovely side note. I was knitting the other night while the Colorado Rockies were playing and my husband looked over at me and said "It just occurred to me that you have become my knittress."  I just smiled and kept on knitting..gotta love that man.
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Have a blessed week everyone.

08 July 2013

Design Wall Monday 7/8/13

I AM DONE!!! Finally...I have my Dear Jane top completed.  Is it perfect? Nope far from it but that is ok. I learned a lot and maybe one day I will make another one. Just not anytime soon.

I started this top May 2011 and I put the last rows together last night. Talk about a quilt hanging around. I worked on it every month, 10 blocks each month.
I couldn't find a good place to lay the whole thing down. Of course Zeus had to see what was going on as well.

If I do another one it will be black and white only (I think).
The only thing I have to do now is my Sylvia's (and that is only 5 blocks a month). Maybe once Camp Loopy is over I will be able to crack out some quilts and get my stash report started.
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