24 March 2015

Little Finishes

I have a coworker. She is the sweetest thing in the world. She has left me. She is off gallivanting around having a wonderful time at a retreat with Jo Morton. I wish her the best of times but....that means I have to teach my classes and her classes. This mean I have a very long Saturday. I will be doing Jo's club, then lunch (yay) , Pomegranate Lane, Loyal Union Sampler, and finally my Mystery.

Luckily I love all of the ladies who are pretty much going to be with be all day. There are a couple that leave and of course a couple of more that come in. It just depends on the classes they are in.

So I had to get some samples done. Well I could have just borrowed Deb's but what the heck right.

Burgoyne Star.  I was going to make it into a pillow but it was a little big for me. I finished this in one day, including the quilting and the binding.
As I was putting the last stitches in the binding I did notice that 2 of my blocks were wrong. Oh well what can you do. This will go on a table somewhere. I do plan on making this block into a big quilt eventually.
Antiquity - No matter how I try I always get the fabrics out of order and they end up next to each other. I even sewed these together web-style, which I hate, and it still didn't help.

Baby- T - this one was done for about 5 months. I just had to sew the binding down. I finally finished it. 

I love the fact that I do get things done. Just not as much as I would like of course. 


22 March 2015

A Few Little Goodies

I made some quick little give aways for the students in my class. They are so fun to make and I really wish I had more time. I would make tons.

This was a leftover part of a block that I saved. I think it is too cute. I just wished I had stuffed it a little bit more.

Thread catchers and 2 more little left over block pin cushions. The thread catcher's come from Crazy Mom Quilts pattern. They are super easy and quick to make.

Have a wonderful day.


21 March 2015

Loyal Union Sampler - update

I am really behind on posting about this one. I am really loving the quilt but at the same time I can not wait to be done. We have been working on this since last August and these blocks are not always easy. I have to rows left to do and I am hoping to be finished by the middle of April. Way ahead of schedule but not soon enough. One row a month gets kind of tiring after awhile.

Once the last 2 rows are on there will be a small muslin border. My outer border will be piano keys. I have been cutting strips off of every fabric I have used but I might have to go back and cut more. I don't think I will have enough. But hey it is progress.

20 March 2015


I have decide that all of my applique (starch and press) and my wool applique is going to be known as "thumb work". I can only do so much of it at once because it kills my thumbs. I have 3 BOM that use some time of thumb work and it is kicking my tush.

I finished my first month of Austin Bluebird. To be honest this is just a kit I bought but I love it and really, really want to work on it. Since I am doing that my Mistletoe Lane has been pushed back a little bit. Honestly, after all of the prep-work on that baby I may not want to work on it every again there are a ton of little pieces. It took me over 4 hours last Sunday to get everything done and I still had to take some creative licensing. Oh well, it is ready to sew down now.

I have since put the borders on. I took it to work to display so I will have to get a picture there to show you.

Pomegranate Lane - Wool on cotton. Block 1 finished. Only 4 more just like that to go.

Close up of the center.

I really do love this block and the quilt will be awesome. There are 4 more blocks just like this one and then 4 pieced blocks and then 4 borders (with loads of applique) and then the cornerstones which  I think will be the easiest applique of all. 

The thread we are using is an Aurifil 28 weight and I just love it, kind of like I love my staples (save that story for another day). It glides like butter.

I did start out blanket stitching but I am a weird blanket stitcher and I am also really slow at it. I also pull my stitches to darn tight and then the thread rolls up on the wool and I can't stand that. I just can't seem to loosen up. Anyway, to make a long story short - hahaha - I switched to a whip stitch (Kim Diel does it on her quilts) and I love it. It is quick, uses less thread, and looks almost the same as the blanket stitch. Of course it doesn't have the outline on the bottom of the stitch but I just LOVE it.

It did take me over a month to do this puppy, which isn't good when you are trying to keep up with the teacher. Who by the way only has maybe one block left to do - take that back she has probably already moved on to the borders and has all the pieced blocks done as well.  All the nerve.

I will have pictures of Mistletoe Lane with my next thumb work update. I hope. Off to applique some stars down (not my favorite shape for sure) and maybe get some knitting in.


On The Needles 3/20/15

I finished my first Loopy Academy a couple of weeks ago but I am just now getting around to posting.

I did the stripes first mainly because I hadn't really decided on the other 2 projects I wanted to do.
I used Cascade Ultra Pima cotton which I hated the way it felt at first but now I really like it.

It was my first time doing stripes they are not too bad. I still need to block it a little and get a much better picture. This is the back side. I think it rolls up a little more than I would like so I am really hoping the blocking will help that.

I have to really get busy to finish the other two projects. I have been doing a lot of applique and wool applique so I haven't really had much time to knit. Must change that soon.

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06 February 2015

On the Needles 2/6/2015

I missed last week. I had my oldest son get out of the Navy so I was picking him, his wife, and 2 dogs up. It has been a very hectic week.

I actually had my socks finished middle of last week but didn't get around to posting. Since then not a lot of knitting has been going on.

I have worked on youngest son's Seattle hat I am hopefully going to finish that this week.

I received my yarn for Loopy Academy as well so I am hoping to get a good start on that as well.

Vanilla Latte socks - Cant remember the yarn off the top of my head and I am too lazy to go upstairs and get the information.

I have a cat and dog, neither mess with any of my stuff. They are old and know better. Enter my son and his 2 lovely dogs, one which is a Husky and only 11 months old. Here is what happens when you leave your husband in charge to run to the grocery store. Of course this is after I cleaned it up off the floor.

Since then the coral one has been wound (was only in 3 sections so I am hoping to splice it together) Still waiting for son to untangle other two. I am not doing it.

This is one that I was able to find a replacement. Although the colors are way different. I still am hoping that I will be able to use some of the right one. I just haven't messed with it.

This was the quick fix. It doesn't look great but will work for now. If CJ (oldest son) ends up staying longer than a few weeks I will buy some cubes to hold the yarn. In the mean time I am hoping it is safe.

For more beauties head on over to Judy's

My numbers have changed so that is nice. Hoping to have an update on my Yarn Report if I have time to do it later.


28 January 2015

The procrastination race....

I am on a mission. I chose to accept. I am going to do everything in my power to complete it. Just as soon as I quit procrastinating. My mojo has left the building and I am trying desperately to get it back.

My goal ---- To get all of my samples made for class and all of my kits cut before the end of March so that the next 9 months of the year I can do what I want. It won't be easy but I really think I can get it done. I just have to do it.

By my estimations I have to make around 194 blocks. They are for various quilts and range from 4.5 inches all the way up to 15 inches. I also have around 300 various kits to cut (this is the number of patterns x the number of kits for each month). I may not be able to get all of the kits done since I am waiting on orders of fabric to come in, but I am sure I can bust through and get most of them done and hopefully I will have the fabric soon to finish the other ones.

My list of things I want to get done is growing exponentially. I have been working on samples and BOM for the last 4 years and I am just wearing down. I have so many things I want to start or finish it is not even funny.

I have almost 12 months of Simple What Nots by Kim Diel.
I have almost 36 months of Jo's Little Women's Club patterns.
Amish With A Twist 1
Amish With A Twist 2
Modern Building Blocks
Not to mention the 6-7 Bonnie Hunter quilts I am in the midst of.
I have UFO's that I am afraid to count how many there actually are.
I have ....well the list can go on. These were just off the top of my head.

So my motto for the rest of this week and next since I have a lot of days off is to just....

I hope it works. I know it will be a little crazy. My oldest son and his wife are moving back home (with 2 dogs) temporarily. He is getting out of the Navy and will be here Friday morning. I just hope his 2 dogs and my old dog and old cat can all play along nicely.

If it gets too hectic I can always lock my self in the sewing room and maybe get everything done twice as quick. :).

Have  a great day. I am off to do something productive...I hope.


Cutting away in Michellarita Land

There is a lot of time that I don't have anything to post. It doesn't mean I am not busy. It just means I am not sewing or knitting. I do a lot of extra cutting at home for work. I enjoy it, most of the time, but most importantly it lets me have all of the BOM we offer organized.

I probably have close to 100 bolts floating around the basement and now that I have company coming in I have had to move it all into the quilt room. Not good for moving around. So my goal is to have all of my quilt kits cut, that I have fabric for already, by the end of March. I also want all my sample done by then as well but that may be another story.

Simple What Nots - 16 (almost 29 different fabrics every month and in various sizes)
Pomegranante Lane - 10 (wool and cotton)
Plain and Fancy - 12 (normally easy yardage cuts)
Stitcher's Garden 1 - 16 (mixture of easy and small sizes)
Hampton Ridge - 10 (usually small yardage)
Modern Building Blocks - 8 kits out of brushed cotton - completed

Some kits may take me an hour and others take me 2-3 hours depending on how the pieces go and how much folding etc. I have to do.

This was some of  the wool that I had cut. I had all of it available so I just started cutting. This is actually half the blocks, the cornerstone and most of the border. It took me probably 14 hours to cut all of this, not including the felting of course.  I am now waiting on 2 more bolts of wool to finish. I can't wait for it to be done and another thing scratched off my to do list. I do think that by the time I am done with all of these I might want to take a break from kit cutting. I may not know what I will do with all of that sewing time....maybe UFO's!

I am off to cut....talk to you all later.


27 January 2015

A Whole Lotta Prep

I am participating in a BOM that starts next month. I have my kit early, it helps that you work there and you are cutting the kits. I figured I would try to get a head start. After further thought I should have started about 3 years ago.

One night of cutting. I guess I should have taken at least 2 because my hand was killing me when I was done.

All cut and freezer paper removed. 

Finally ready to hand sew. I did do the flowers pink flowers separate. They were easier to do in a layered format before adding them on to the big piece. I used glue but it didn't secure very well with as much as I move them around. So...after ordering a extra long stapler from Amazon (12" length) I was set. I glued those puppies down then emptied the magazine and stapled everything down. It may be over kill but I don't want those things to move. The stems are only 1/4 in wide so there is a lot of little pieces on this thing. 

I am blanket stitching the flowers but I think I will just whip stitch the stems and leaves. It almost looks the same to me but it is quicker and I don't have to worry about the bottom thread rolling up onto the wool. Which in my case always happens. I am also using a Aurifil 28 wt thread and I love it. You only need the one strand and it slides through like butter. Which really helps since by thumb only allows me to do a little bit every day. My goal is  to get at least one or two pieces done a day. 

Good news is I love the way it looks. Bad news is there are 5 more of these squares and that is only the center of the quilt. We won't bring up the borders or the cornerstones.

Hopefully by March 1 I can show you a completed section. Lets keep our fingers crossed.  Now I am off to trace some more onto my freezer paper. I have lots to do.


16 January 2015

On the Needles 1/16/2015

I tried really hard. Honest! I really wanted these socks done so I would have a finish today but it just didn't happen.

I did finish the first one and I am decreasing on the heel now. I would like to say I will have them finished by the end of the weekend but I don't see that happening. I guess I will aim for next needles post. It will be good for my stash numbers too.

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Actually off to sew now.


14 January 2015

Not All Sewing and Games

I am busy most of the time but it isn't always sewing. It may me crafting related though.

I have spent most of this week getting some kits cut for work. I do a lot of the cutting at home. I enjoy it. I also know that by doing it at home 9 times out of 10 that means the kits will be correct. Most importantly though is I  just like knowing what is going on.

I am hoping by next week I will have all of these done for the complete year. I just have the cotton left to cut and then to bag them up. I do have some sewing I need to get done but I have been really good about procrastinating.

Here is the lovely quilt. It is wool on cotton and I can't wait to start this one.

Wool - it doesn't really look like much but that is 10 different kits with 10 different wools' that needed to be cut. I also had to felt all of this so that was 10 loads of laundry. Yes. I do get paid. I love the fact that I can do it at home at my convenience as long as it is done on time. I also don't have to worry about moving it all around every time I turn around. I can say that I am sure the boys don't like lugging all of the fabric in and out of the house. It is a trip up and down the stairs. Oh well! They are young.

Off to cut some more before the taxi service needs to leave. Hopefully, I will get some sewing in this weekend. I really have to get some stuff done.


09 January 2015

Yarn Report 1/9/2015 - Week 2

I knew this week my numbers were not going to be good. The yarn I ordered last year arrived this year. Go figure. The things I am working on are longer term projects and will take awhile. I really need to learn to knit a little bit faster. I don't think I will every be a cheetah but a step up from a turtle would be good.

Left to Right
My last (I think) Dream Club - Starry with sparkle - 450 yards
WSK - Western Sky Knits - Rainbow Night - 400 yards
Tumbleweed Yarn - Sidewalk Sand Kit - 400 - yards
WSK - Western Sky Knits - Pretty Little Hedges - 400 yards

Now for the lovely numbers.....

Used this Week:  0 skeins
Used this Year: 1 skeins
Added this week: 4 skeins
Added this Year: 4 skeins
Net Used this Year : 1 skein

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used this Year : 198 yards
Added this Week: 1650 yards
Added this Year: 1650 yards
Net Used this Year: 1452 yards (red is not good)

Off to get some things moving. KNIT! KNIT! KNT!


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On the Needles 1/9/2015

I have a lot of stuff on the needles. Most if is stuff I don't want to work on, I lost my mojo, but I really need to. I want this stuff done so I don't feel bad and I can move on to more things.

My goal is to have all of this stuff done and off the needles by the end of March.

Hermione's Everyday Socks - Almost done.

Plain Vanilla Striped Socks - Pattern from Yarn Harlot book.

Jared's Seattle Hat - Michele by Sarah Montie - This will be my 3rd hat from this pattern. Love it.

Kimono Cardigan - I have one front done, this is the back, still have 2 sleeves and another front to do.
Vanilla Latte Socks - I am on the heel flap on first sock. I shouldn't have started these but I really wanted to try my new needles.

Dr. Who Scarf - Not very far on this one at all and it has been sitting around for over a year.

Relax Shawl - Also been sitting around for awhile. It was supposed to be for a Camp Loopy last year but didn't make it. I do a row every now and then.

Mrs. Winkle - May have to tink and start over. I think I made an error. This is one of my long term projects my goal is to do a loop every couple of days.

Matchmaker - My other long term project. I really like this one and I really really want to work on it but I keep telling myself do some of these other things first.

I also know my knitting time will decrease a little. I usually only knit or do hand work at night and I have a wool applique and hand applique BOM starting soon that I told myself I would keep up with. Oh! there is just not enough time in the day. I spend way too much time procrastinating. I wonder if they make anti-procrastinating pills. HMMMM

Here is to hoping I can reach my goals with out the "I wanna start something new bug" hitting me. Of course Loopy Academy starts soon and I really shouldn't do it but I will probably end up doing it and I really don't have time to do it but I know I will probably do it. Not good, Not good at all.


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07 January 2015

Taming of the Scraps

My scraps are out of control. I have a huge wicker laundry basket about 3 feet tall and 2 feet around filled to the top with scraps. I also have little baskets everywhere. I have been wanting to tame these puppies for years but haven't been able to.

I decided this year that I would go back to my 15 minutes or so a day of cutting them up. I figure a little bit of time will add up eventually.

I use the Bonnie Hunter Scrap User System. The only difference is that I also save 5" squares. I have a lot of patterns that use them.

This huge basket sits upstairs next to the card table so if I have a few minutes I can cut. I am sure my husband would love for this project to be done. It sits in the living room and is not a very pretty sight.

Here is my first 3 days of cutting. It really doesn't look like much. I just keep telling myself it was more than what I had "45" minutes ago. Snail pace is better than standing still. I separate into lights and darks and by size for everything except the bricks, they are must by size. One of these days I may even organize the bins by color, not anytime soon though that is for sure.

Until next time. 


04 January 2015

2014 Knitting Year in Review

 Picture post of my 2014 Knitting Finishes.

It really seems like there should be more. Hoping to see a better year production wise in 2015.