13 March 2012

Bow Tie Blocks

I follow Bonnie over at Quiltville and last year she put out a bow tie challenge, you can find more here. I had told myself I wasn't going to join but as usual I caved in.  I have been working on them pretty much since the beginning and only using them as leaders and enders. I have stopped a couple of times to work on something else but...I have found that these little wonders are just too addicting to put aside for long.

Sunday before starting on the DJ project I took some time to cut some more pieces. I finished up a chunk of my cheddar and then cut 45 more blocks. I had about 20 left so now I have another small stash to keep me going for awhile. I just love these little rascals.

I don't know how many I have nor how many I will need. I just keep going.  I pile them in a bucket and then every so often I stop and bundle them into groups of 10. I wonder how many I will end up with by the time I tire of them?

Have a good day everyone.


12 March 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/12/12

I was actually able to accomplish a few things last week. This week will probably different.

I finished two tops which was kind of nice. I then spent all day Sunday working on DJ..doesn't seem like I accomplished mush yesterday but I worked on 5 blocks, 2 of them I finished completely and 3 of them are ready for applique. I am hoping between today and tomorrow to finish the other 5 and then I will be ahead for next month.

Box Step - I have had this one cut out for quit awhile and finally decided to use it as leaders and enders. It is now done and onto the flimsie pile.

TV Dinner..this one is for Charm School in April. I teach both Charm School and Strip Club next month. I will then be done for a couple of months...I'm hoping anyway.

I have so many flimsies that need to be quilted.  I really need to take some time from sewing and learn how to use my machine. Maybe I will try to do that the end of this month when I have almost the whole week off.

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Here is to everyone having a wonderful Monday...hope the time change didn't mess too many of you up.


11 March 2012

Stash Report Week 11, 3/11/12

I didn't post a report last week since I didn't get anything done the week before. I also spent all last Sunday knitting.

I also decided to change how I report. I was reporting once the quilt was completely done, but that wasn't showing much. I am now going to report when the top is done, top is quilted, and then when binding is put on (this part seems to take me forever). I was quit busy this past week, sewing and spending.  Oh well what can you do.

I did finish 3 quilt tops this week.

Used this Week: 25.125 yards
Used year to Date: 73.95  yards
Added this Week: 30.125 yards

Added Year to Date: 72.5 yards
Net Used for 2012: 1.45 yards

I am still on the good side, barely.  I guess I better get busy sewing. Bad news is I work everyday but one this week so I seriously doubt I will get a lot done. Good news is I have almost a week off at the end of the month.

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05 March 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/5/12

I finished up my QOV3 and now have to put everything aside to work on more "have to dos". I have a few extra days off this week so maybe I can get some things done, especially since next week I work a full week.

Picture didn't turn out to well but it is done. Bought the backing fabric so hopefully sometime this month I can get this one and the other QOV I have quilted.

My plan for this week is to get my charm school for March done and box step top done (black and yellow blocks). I also have DJ blocks for April to do and need to start on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.
I also need to start a wall hanging my mom asked for...I think my list is getting longer and longer.

Better go get busy...I have sewing to do and red beans and rice to make before our employee meeting tonight.

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