29 July 2011

I'm So Upset

Yesterday, I was laying on the bed while my husband put the new AC in the window.  I have this quilt on the bed that I spent months embroidering and fingering out the colors for it and piecing it.  It was the first quilt I ever sent to a long armer and I just love it.  Well, as I was laying there I noticed these blueish dots all over one section of the border. Now it should not have blue anywhere on it because it is all creams and browns and peach's.  At first I thought it was where the long armer marked the quilt and the blue lines were coming back. Upon further scrutiny I noticed it is actually a problem with the fabric.

The pattern of this fabric has gold dots going around the flowers well lo and behold the "gold" is coming off and in its place is this bluish line of dots.  I tried washing it to no avail.  Now mind you I have washed and dried this quilt and it has done nothing but lay on my bed for about 2 years, and it doesn' t get a lot of sun shining on it either.

So now I don't know what to do. I think it is only a matter of time before all of the gold is turned to this crappy blue. There is also other fabric in there that has gold in it as well. I am just sick with disappointment.  I don't remember the manufacturer but I am going to research it and see what I can find. I know there is nothing they can do about it now but I would really like them to know about it for future use. 

This section is really prominent.

This section shows where is is lighter and spreading.

This shows the fabric without the problems.

I will be heading to the LQS pretty soon and see if they can help me figure it out, but I am pretty sure there is nothing that can be done. I guess I will just wait until the whole thing is covered and then transfer it to a "used for love" quilt and make a new one for my bed. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


28 July 2011

Spool Of Success and Applique

I have been really busy in the sewing room, unfortunately, I have not finished a lot.  I have been working on this one in particular DJ block and it is now become my Achilles heel.  I have tried it 3 times already and have now resorted to hand piecing it and I still don't think it is working out the way I want or need it to.  I will finish it and see if it is good enough if not it is back to the drawing board.  Not good for sure.  It is definitely a good thing I am working months ahead in my class so I don't feel under a lot of pressure....yet!

I did finish a spool of thread. It was on of those 6452 yard cones, unfortunately I don't remember when I started using it. I think it was some time last year...that is a lot of thread.  I did put my new cone on the machine and dated, so we shall see how long it takes to use it up.

I also spent the last two days getting some DJ applique blocks ready to work on when I have a chance.  I bought this really nifty carrying case so now I have it packed with all of the essentials.  Scissors, thread, needles, crochet project, applique projects, thimbles, pins etc. are ready at all times and can be grabbed on the way out the door.

I will be doing some needle turn applique, which I have done before just not in awhile.  I will also be doing some reverse applique which I have never done.  I usually do spray and starch but I figured I would try something different and see if it helps be a little bit.

I am off to get ready for the little ones baseball practice and hubby's softball double header.  Maybe I will be able to get something done...we shall see...

Have a wonderful day.


27 July 2011

I didn't buy fabric but....

I didn't buy any fabric but I did have some patterns jump right into my arms.  These are all hand embroidery...like I need to have something else to do. But, I do have tons of DMC floss from when I used to cross stitch so this will be a good way to use it up ...right.....

I did tell myself I had to finish these applique DJ blocks for this month and my Jo's Club (this one might be tough) before I could start on any of them....but it is getting harder by the moment because they look so fun....

I also bought something called the Angler. After marking 288 squares with the diagonal line to sew on I figured this might be something to look into.  It goes on your table (using double stick tape to hold it) and you just follow the lines on their.  Of course my triangles are all done for now so I will have to save it for the next project and see how it works then.

Have a wonderful day everyone,


26 July 2011

Ghosts in the Electricity

I took my machine in for it's semi annual cleaning (late as usual), which meant I had to come home and rearrange everything so my back up machine could be used.  I spent 30 minutes looking for the table insert, that I had recently seen but couldn't remember where.  I knew I kept it somewhere safe because I was going to need it soon. I finally found it under neath by bed, go figure. 

So I get the machine set up, add a book underneath to make it the same size, since I didn't want to adjust my Koala table---it is a big pain for me, and get everything plugged in and I am already to go...or so I thought.  I turn on the machine and nothing.  I fiddle around with the cord and nothing.  I move the machine to another room, plug it in and nothing. 

So in a state of panic, who wants to be without a machine for a week, I grab it up and head back up the the LQS where my other machine is waiting patiently to be picked up today for its week long trip.  I figure I will try one of their cords and see if it works.  If not I will rotate the machines and keep the working one until the other one gets back.  Well....lo and behold I barrow one of their cords, plug it in, and it works... What???? So I unplug their cord and try again with my cord..it works.   What???? So I just decided to wait a few minutes and try again and it still works.  Ok...don't know what that was all about but I turn around and come home (good thing quilt store is only 10 minutes away) and get the machine and set it up again, plug it in and it works. 

There must have been some ghosts in my electricity giving me grief......so I did get some sewing done but not as much as planned.  I finished another 2 steps in my Jovial Christmas Ribbons...

I might get this top finished yet.


25 July 2011

Jelly Roll Christmas

I didn't get a bunch of stuff done over the weekend.  I decided to take a break from my DJ blocks and start cutting fabric for a new quilt....of course I still don't need a new one..but what can you do.

I just love Jovial by Basic Grey for Moda...so what is a girl to do but find some fabric and have some fun.  I have been wanting to make all of the quilts out of  Kim Brackets books so I bit the bullet and here I am.  It seemed like it took forever to cut the fabric for this. I think that is because I have been doing the DJ blocks and only have to cut a little, sew a little, cut a little, scream a little, sew a little, cuss a little...well you get the idea. 

I just hope I am able to spend sometime getting to know my quilting machine so that I can start busting out all of these flimsies I have piled up. 

Well I am off to take my baby (my machine) in to the shop for service, which means it won't be back until next week.  So I will have to move my 220 over and get that set up, which changing my Koala table around to fit is a pain in the rumpus...oh well.  I have decided that I am going to use the 220 as much as possible and save my 440 (btw these are Berninas) for embroidery and decorative stitches.  It already has a bagillion stitches on it so I have to give it some TLC for awhile.

Hope everyone gets a chance to sew.


Winner and Results

Well, I decided to wait until late last night to draw a winner, then I fell asleep. Woke up early to hit the walking trail so now here I am.

The results of the favorite quilt are.....

1. Blue Ridge Beauty
3. Undecided
4. Orange Crush
5. Carolina Christmas
6.. Perkiomen Dreams, Random Ohio Stars,  Star Struck, Basket Weave, Double Delight.
7. Jared Takes A Wife, Smith Mountain, Bricks and Stepping Stones, and "Whatever The Next One" is.

So the winner of the magazine....is number 11....Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

My favorite Bonnie quilt? Oh my, where do I start. For charity quilts, I love her strip twist and crumbs. I love her Blue Ridge Beauty and hope to someday make it. I also love Smith Mountain Morning. I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop now.

Congratulations Sue,  I will send and email and wait for your snail mail and get this out to you this week.

Thank you everyone for leaving your comments.


22 July 2011

Cheddar Challenge

Yesterday while I was working on my DJ blocks I couldn't stop thinking about the cheddar challenge that Bonnie is having over at her site. So after a couple more blocks I gave in.  I finished piecing the block I was working on and stopped and went and cut some leaders and enders and some cheddar.  I cut 10 strips of cheddar, which gave me 110 sets and then set about cutting the bow tie fabrics.  I now am already to sew.  I figure I will just keep cutting in sets of 110 and stop when I feel like it.  I have to admit though that they are very addicting and I almost set my DJ aside, but I controlled myself. I WILL only work on these as leaders and enders.  I think part of the reason they were sew addicting is that they are sew simple, especially compared to DJ.  So I can not wait to get back into the sewing room and sew some more of these. 

I really didn't need to start another project but what the heck. I still have BRB and sisters 9 patch all ready to assemble sitting in their baskets whats another basket full.....

Of course to get to the cart with my 2" strings I had to move 2 other carts since they are all wedged between the frame and the wall, go figure, and it was hotter than hot yesterday, but it will all be worth the pounds of sweat in the long run. I  wonder how many I will do before I tire of them?

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will have lots to share next week.

Oh yeah and don't forget the announcement of the giveaway this weekend.


21 July 2011

Jo's Club Finish 2

Yesterday I started a new exercise regime with my mother. We are just walking every morning at the crack of dawn before it gets too hot.  Now since the only "exercise" I get is quilting. So this is rather difficult.  We walked about an hour which was a little lesa than 1.5 miles each way.

I ended up coming home and did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day. I had the dentist at 1100 and that was the extent of it. I did try and take a nap to no avail and the boys kept asking me what was wrong.  Well lets just say my energy level was in the negatives. 

It finally cooled down with a short early afternoon rain shower so I summoned enough energy to replant a plant of my mothers.  Short explanation here.  We moved back to Colorado from Las Vegas last year and we are now renting the house I grew up in.  My mom just couldn't handle the "big" house anymore, either can dad for that matter. When we moved in the house came with some furniture and we also inherited 2 birds and a cat (we came with only a dog, boy was that ever run..dog doesn't like cats, cat doesn't like dog).  In our house the birds rule, then the cat, then the dog....go figure.

Anyway, I also ended up with 5 of my mothers plants.  I have the ability to practically kill weeds without trying and am really good at killing cacti so giving me 5 plants is not good for my well being. So I am kinda of OCD about these plants, she has had most of them since I was young.  Well, this one plant is gargantuan and when I watered it yesterday I realized that the roots were sprouting over the top of the soil.  Guess that means it needs to be re potted.  So off to buy a mongo pot and transplant.

Well, after getting dirty (which by the way I hate), I was revived and decided in between my shows last night to finally get my Jo's club for August bound (it had only been sitting for over a month waiting). So it is done.  Yeah.  I washed and dried last night, label is on- just need to write on it and now I have another finish to my name.

Hope everyone has a great day today.


20 July 2011

Homespun Magazine Giveaway

To celebrate the almost finish of the quilt room, mom's remission, and the back to blogging life I am hosting a giveaway.

I ended up with an extra copy of Homespun Magazine featuring Jamestown Landing from Bonnie Hunter.

Just leave a comment stating what Bonnie Hunter quilt is your favorite and I will pick a winner on Sunday evening.

Good luck.


19 July 2011

Hand Sewing with Dear Jane

I am working on block B3 - Mirror Image.. I decided to try and hand sew.  It actually wasn't as hard as i thought it was going to be and so far isn't really time consuming.  I don't think my stitches are as small as they need to be but I do think it gets better with time.  I did get a little bit frustrated.  I mean you watch you tube videos of others hand piecing and they just zip through it likes it's nothing.  I mean just because they have been doing if forever means nothing right.  I figure I should be able to zip through just as easy...well, maybe with a lot more practice.  So off I go to make some more of these little blocks, did 2 yesterday and cut out this one so maybe after the dentist today I can zip through a few more.

I still have to press this little guy, I've only finger pressed so far. I have 3 more to make then I can put this little bad boy on the design wall and move on to more intricate patterns.  I think they will get harder the farther along I get. 

I have done 18 1/4 /225.....just keep sewing, just keep sewing.


18 July 2011

Birthday Block Swap

I participated in birthday block swap this year with my online group Blockswappers. I finally took the time to take pictures of the blocks I have received. There were 21 of us involved so I should be receiving 20 eventually. I don't know what I am going to do with them, but they will go really nice with the blocks I have been swapping the last year with another of my online groups Quilted With Love. I now have an abundance of 12" star blocks that are going to sit and simmer until I figure out what to do and I find time to do it.

The blocks may look a little wonky but they aren't.  I just took pictures as I took them out of their envelopes before ironing.

Thanks to everyone that participated.


17 July 2011

Jo's Club Finish 1

I have been participating in our LQS's Jo's Club.  This is a monthly club that uses patterns and fabric from Jo Morton.  I finally finished my first quilt which was due this month.  It is really tiny and went together quick.  I actually had the top done the middle of June but it took me until this week to get the binding done.  It was the first time I have ever done single fold binding and I don't like doing it that way. I think I will stick with my normal double fold binding but just make it smaller when doing these quilts.  I guess if you don't try something new you won't know if you like it, now I know.

I have next months done already as well I just have to take some time to do the binding.  For some reason that is one of the hardest things for me to do.

Well I am off to work on another Christmas project and since I only have 3 weeks until my next batch of DJ blocks are due I better get started on those as well. Guess I will be sewing away in between hanging loads of laundry on the line.  It is already hot here, it's days like these I wish I had air conditioning.

I even put a label on...rare occurrence as well.

I hope everyone gets a chance to sew today.


15 July 2011

Christmas in July - Project 1

Since I decided to take a break from DJ for the week I figured I would do some Christmas in July projects.  I have 3 that I plan to do right now.  I have about 10 Christmas themed projects but that is another story in itself.

 I figured I would just start with a simple one at first, well they are all really simple and use charm squares, layer cakes or jelly rolls.  I use to live on the pre-cuts but I kind of took a break from them for awhile.  I am now back working on projects with them as I have time.

I call this on Jovial Christmas since it is made with the Jovial fabric line from Basic Grey (one of my fav's of all times--I just love all of her lines).  I found the pattern at Moda Bake Shop, started cutting and had the top completed in one day. It is a disappearing 9 patch so that made it even easier. Now when I get it quilted will be another story.

It looks kinda wonky on the design wall, but the wall didn't want to lay flat since the fan was blowing like crazy,  it's really hot here.

I am now off to another adventure, waiting on some fabric to arrive for the next 2 projects.  I had to go to two different places to get what I needed. Received on package waiting on the other.

Enjoy the day and sew a little,