05 November 2014

Feeling Blue and Green

I have been working on a sample for a class I am teaching next year. The goal is to get it done before our After Market Party. Which is a little thing at work where you can come and look at things we will be offering in the store next year and stuff they bought at Quilt Market.

It seemed to take forever but in reality it didn't.
Rows 1-20 
Rows 1-42

I now have the borders on but didn't get a picture yet (all 3 are mitered too). Next on my agenda is quilting and binding it. Hope to have pictures soon.


04 November 2014

I've Been Cleaning

A couple of months ago we rearranged my sewing room and I never really liked it. So this past weekend I was at it again. This time I took down my mid-arm frame, going to sell it, since I never use it anyway. I took everything out of my Koala table and cabinet and am going to sell that too. I just don't have enough room.

I cleaned out my spare bedroom, fabric closet and everywhere else in the basement I had set quilty things. I even had stuff in boxes still from when we moved and that was almost 2 years ago.

I listed some stuff on Craig's list and have a big pile for Goodwill. I am on a roll.

I bought a new sewing table at Salvation Army (it was even on sale) and I had my hubby make me an awesome table top for my mid arm.

A little bit of the before's in various areas. It really did look worse than this by the time I started cleaning.

The finished area. I still need to clean off the ironing area but have realized with out my Koala I don't really have table space. Towards the end I was putting things in non-designated areas just to get it out of the other room. Next thing on my agenda is some more storage units.

This closet now has a lot more fabric in it than it did in this picture. I must get busy sewing.

The almost empty room will have some my yarn stash from upstairs brought down. I just haven't felt like doing that yet either.

I am now off to sew for the first time in my almost clean room. I hope I can keep it that way.

Have a wonderful day.

25 October 2014

A Little Bit of Appliqué

Im teaching a new block of the month next year. So of course I'm trying to get ahead. The choice in the setting squares was appliqué or a pieced block. I couldn't decide at first. After spending untold hours cutting, starch and pressing all of those little pieces I made up my mind.  There will be 4 blocks appliqués and 12 pieced. I love appliqué most of the time but these pieces were a little too persnickety for me.

I now have one done.  One ready to stitch and 2 left to prepare. I am procrastinating on that part..

Here is what the complete quilt looks like. I have a lot left to go.
Plain & Fancy

Have a great day. I am off to starch and press some more then head on to work. Fun times.


21 October 2014

The things you do for your Brother.

My brother works at Rock Bottom Brewery. My brother knows I sew. My brother asked me if I could make a curtain to cover some area at his work. I said sure. My brother asked if I could embroider the name of the brewery onto the curtain I said no but maybe I could iron it on. My brother gave me the graphic, it is black. My brother needed the curtain black. Can you see the dilemma? I am good at certain things but trying to get a black iron on to a black curtain taint happening.

After some trial and error this is what I came up with. I just had my hubby print that graphic onto printer fabric and top stitched that puppy down. I thought the grommets would be the hard part boy was I wrong. But it is done. I was paid and he is happy.


19 October 2014

Loopy Academy Hat

I am done with Freshman Year of Loopy Academy. Of course I blogged about these in reverse order of finishing them but oh well.

I love the yarn on this one it is super soft. I used Cascade Superwash Sport in Charcoal and it feels really nice. I ended up making the small slouchy but I think next time I will make the big one. I think my kiddos will like them better. This one fits Ryan well but I think he would like it slouchier.

I am getting better at adding patterns to my knitting and venturing a little farther out of my comfort zone with various stitches. If only I could knit quicker. I have too many things on my to do list.

I really need to find another way to take photos of these. This doesn't show them off really well.

Off to do more posting and labeling and knitting and sewing.


18 October 2014

Loopy Academy Mittens

I have only made mittens once before. They did not turn out very good.

So, having to make mittens again wasn't really high on my want to do list, but I did it.

I wanted to do a mitten with a little bit of a pattern. I wasn't really in the mood for round and round and round with nothing else. So, I chose to Corrugated Mitten Pattern which seemed the simplest one for me to do. I picked out a Burnt Orange yarn, different for me, and off I went.

It only took me 4 days to do the first one and 6 days to do the second one (now if I could only do that with socks). I still have problems with holes in the the thumb gusset no matter how much I think I have managed it.

Good news. I am getting much better at sewing up holes and gaps.
Bad news. I don't really want to do that.

I didn't even try to match them but my cowl and mittens match even the hat coming up soon does too although not as well.


17 October 2014

A Sewing Post...really

Most of my sewing is not lately is not something that is done quickly. They are all BOM and various other versions. I remember the days when I pieced things quickly. One of these days I will be doing some more of that.

My sister asked me for another diaper bag as a gift out of Mickey Mouse Fabric. So after searching and finally finding the fabric at Hobby Lobby I was all set to go.

I usually make the Bow Tuck purse pattern and modify it a little bit. Not this time. I had to much stuff to do and not a lot of time, as usual, so I changed things up. I used the Tahoe Tote pattern and boy did it go quick. It only took a couple of hours. Now, to be honest it may have taken a little less time but lately I can't seem to read directions to well. Even though I read them a couple hundred times and felt in my gut I wasn't sewing it together right. I still did my own thing. I then of course had to rip out the last seam which of course is the most difficult. I had sewn the outside to the inside but backwards and upside down and who knows. I just know that when I was finally at the magical - pull the bag through whoo hoo step it was not right. Nothing like un-sewing a complete round of complex stitching. But, I finished.

As easy as bags are to make most of the time they are still not my favorite. I don't really know why.


On the Needles 10/17/2014

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I had grand plans and ideas then life gets in the way.

Hopefully, I will be back for good.

First things first. I did change my blog name and page etc.  it better matches up with all of my other things. So, now I am  knitnpiece.blogspot.com 

I have finished ton's of things but of course still not as much as I want.

Last night it was my Loopy Academy Cowl project. I used the Father Time pattern. Yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock  in Colorway Maple. I only ended up casting on 240 vs 300 stitches. I am going to say that was a design decision but in reality I lost my measurement somewhere and I was a tad to short. Oh well it still works. It ended up coming out about 5 inches wide so nice and cuddly when wrapped twice.

I guess I should have tried to get a better picture. One of these days I will improve.

For more needle fun head on over to Judy's.


I will have lots more to show I promise.

13 August 2014

New Name

I have changed my blog name. I am hoping it works so this is a test. LOL.. We shall see.

26 July 2014

A Little Quicker Than I Thought

Someone requested a quilt. I am not going to mention any names for their safety. I had already planned on making one. I thought about the time frame (baby not due until Sept) and what I had on my plate and figured OK I got this.  I should of known.

Yeah, the little man is not due until Sept. but the baby shower is in June. Hello!! Seriously!!!

Well, all the planning went out the window and everything else was put on hold. No painting, no nothing I will just have to live with the bedroom and half of the bathroom crap still being in the living room. No worries, just don't look in the front window and don't be expecting and invite anytime soon.

I decided on a pattern and was already to go. Then the night before I get a text with the "colors" and the "theme" . Seriously!!! Hello!!! If I didn't love that girl and she lived much closed I can say she might have been in some deep kimshi. So, there goes the plan. Right out the window. Again. (She was also lucky I hadn't already bought the fabric or she would of ended up with what I wanted not what they chose)

New plan, new fabric and a lot of crazy cutting and sewing and hair pulling.  But, it was finished on time and mailed to get the shower in time.

It was a good thing she liked it....that's all I am saying.

So, even though I am not here I am busy. Good thing is I cut back my hours at work so maybe I can get more done. We shall see.

25 July 2014

Yarn Stash 7/25/2014

It has been awhile since I have done one of these. So I am sure my numbers will look really awful.

I finished wingpsan - so that was 1.25 skeins and 465 yards out.

I bought yarn for Loopy 2 - that was 2 skeins and 850 yards in.

I bought yarn for Loopy 3 - Cascade Superwash 5 skeins and 1100 yards - My favorite color of course is lime green so this worked out wonderfully.

I received my Into the Whirled - 1 skein and 460 yards in.

Finally, the big kahuna. I fell in love with these sock yarns and for some reason they showed up, shortly after first seen, on my door step.

So that is 8 skeins and 3680 yards. These will be some awesome socks as soon as I can get my Camp Loopy 3 done.

Used this Week: 1.25 skeins
Used this Year: 13.25 skeins
Added this week: 16 skeins
Added this Year: 68 skeins
Net Used this Year : - 54.75 skeins 

Used this Week: 465  yards
Used this Year: 2912 yards

Added this week: 5630 yards
Added this Year: 13929 yards
Net Used this Year : 
- 11017 yards (must get these projects off the needles) 

For more head on over to Judy's.  


On the Needles Friday 7/25/2014

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted.

I worked a couple of Friday's and forgot to post, my birthday fell on another one, and last week I had to have a tooth pulled.

I have to work today but I made sure to get this ready before hand for a change.

I finished Camp Loopy 1, early too I might add, which for me is a shocker.

Wingspan done. I did have to buy another skein to finish go figure.

I also started Hermione's Everyday Sock. I am using an Opal yarn from my stash. I know can you believe it. I have never worked with 2 circulars before. I really am liking it. It is also the first time I have actually used sock yarn and not the original pattern I was taught with. I really want to get back to these but I had to put them on the back burner for Camp Loopy 2. 

It's is really hard to get a good picture here in the basement but it will have to do because it is the coolest part in the house right now. I have no AC and right now we are sitting at a pretty 90 - which is supposed to be like this through the weekend. Yuck.

My camp Loopy 2 project gave me some grief. I didn't like the original pattern I chose with the yarn I am using. So of course I changed everything around thinking I was ok. Went to order what I needed for Camp Loopy 3 and realized the yarn I was using was not purchased at the right time. Crap...back to other yarn and new pattern. It is a simple pattern which for me is what I need since I am a turtle knitter but this one is BORING and seemed to take forever.

For the next challenge I am making a baby blanket. I think that is the quickest way to use up the yardage required for me.  I also am suffering from tennis elbow or as I refer to it...remodel the house elbow..so I really shouldn't be knitting anyway.

For more needle fun head on over to Judy's .

I have some awesome stuff for Yarn stash to report to. Just loving my new yarn and can't wait to get into it.


24 July 2014

A little gift.

I am teaching, I say that loosely, Loyal Union Sampler at work. I have 2 classes a month and it will go for 18 months. I can say that none of my classes are quick. Dear Jane took almost 3 years, and Sylvia's will be over in August after 2 years. I think I will take a break for awhile from teaching any other classes, besides I haven't found anything I really want to do.

Anyway, I decided every once in a while to make a gift for the drawing I have every month. So last month, well probably the month before, I whipped these little bad boys up.

I think they are so cute. It was a pattern I received from the Loopy Ewe with one of my fabric orders. I think I might like to make them a little bigger next time. They are just the cutest little magnets and look lovely on the fridge.

You can get 4 out of 1 mini charm pack (well, you have to add one square) so that is an awesome idea for those little things.

The bright one is the one I made out of the fabric that came with the pattern. 

Not bad for something quick and simple and the gals liked them especially the ones that won them.


20 June 2014

On The Needles 6/20/14

I'm finished. Well except weaving in the ends and blocking. I will work on that this weekend. In between working and painting.

I really love the way it turned out. There are endless possibilities with this for sure.

Hopefully before the next Loopy starts I will have the painting of youngest sons bedroom done. Three different colors is not making it a quick paint especially since I don't know what kind of paint was on the walls originally. I just know that it took 6 coats of dark blue on the bottom and I was not a happy person. I have a lime green closet to paint today but I am seriously thinking about leaving it for my husband to do. I am suffering from tennis elbow and it is not helpful to be painting. Rest it for knitting is what I think needs to happen.

For more needle ideas head on over to Judy's.

13 June 2014

On The Needles 6/13/2014

I am almost done with my Camp Loopy project. I just don't have enough yarn and I had to order more. No, it really doesn't make me happy but what can you do. I did order my yarn for project 2 at the same time so more yarn will be coming in.

It is a very easy knit and I love working on it. I was just really hoping I would be done this weekend. I have a bedroom that will be taking up all my time next week, painting is very time consuming.

I saw this yarn and thought of vampires which lead me to Twilight which is one of my favorite set of books so that is what I went with for the challenge.

For more on the needles head on over to Judy's.


Hoping her yarn gets here quickly.

Loyal Union Sampler Month 3

Progress little by little. Still some easy ones. Yet there are a couple that will take some time.

B4 - Castle Wall - This is a difficult one. It took me over 3 hours but I did it all by machine. For me that is a major feat. I don't like sewing slow. With all these templates and set in seams it was not for the faint of heart. But it is done.

B7 - Christmas Star - Easy compared to B4 - lol. 

B8 - Coffee Mill - Triangles and squares oh how nice.

B9 - Combination Star - Hourglass and Square in a square still very nice and easy - that is a plus.

B10 - Connecticut - paper piecing. Good way to relax after some of these other blocks. Just have to watch color placement.

B11- Constance's Pride - A little tricky but figured out how to make it long and then whack it off. Makes the corners match up better. And the B row is done.

C1 -Cornerstone - paper piecing. Another easy one.

C2 - Cotton Boll - Another easy one. This one would be great to use a larger print in the X. 

A couple of tricky ones but a lot that are easier. We are on a roll.

31 May 2014

Loyal Union Sampler Month 2

I am a little behind but here are the May blocks for Loyal Union Sampler. Good news is I already have June scheduled to post so I will be on schedule.

These blocks are still a little bit persnickety but I really love doing them.

A2 - Abigail's Swing - This one was with templates and set in seams. I should have done by hand but didn't so it is a little puffy. I can live with it though.

A6 - Augusta - Another pesky one. Trying to line up those points was a little tricky.

A11 - Broken Window - Kind of nice after the previous ones. Still thinking about doing it over because I keep losing my points. This is the last one in the A row.

B1 - California - I ended up using the flip and stitch method to get my black squares. Much easier than set in seams and I don't mind the seams.

B2 - Camp Curtin - Nice to have another simple one. Start to look forward to these after awhiile.

B3 - Campfire - A few pieces but nothing hard.

B5 - Chambersburg - Square in a Square - Nothing to it.

B6 - Charlie Stokey's Star - This one was a tad difficult. I didn't want to deal with the set in seams so I used the stitch and flip method on the white fabric and the dark pink one. The fabrics didn't look like they blended so much before I started. Afterwards, forget it. I can live with it. I was not remaking this block.

June we will finish row B and start on row C. Pretty soon 2 rows done. Yay.


30 May 2014

Yarn Report 5/30/2014

I had progress but I also had arrivals. Oh well. I am having fun and that is all that counts.

I finished my fingerless mitts.

That was 2 skeins and about 244 yards.

I received by Giftables from the Loopy Ewe.  Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play Hat Box in Swiss Mountain Stream. Which is 377 yards. It also came with some lip balm and bee bar lotion from Honey House Naturals. I can't wait to try it out.

Used this Week: 2 skeins
Used this Year: 12 skeins
Added this week: 1 skeins
Added this Year: 52 skeins
Net Used this Year : - 40 skeins 

Used this Week: 244  yards
Used this Year: 2447 yards

Added this week: 377 yards
Added this Year: 8299 yards
Net Used this Year : 
- 5852 yards (must get knitting) 

For more stash reports head on over to Judy's.


Who must make progress but is having a hard time.