24 August 2012

On the Needles Friday 8/23/2012

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted but I have been a little worker bee and actually finished a few things.

I finished my first pair of socks and I even had enough left over to make a small pair...thought they would fit my niece but they are too small...oh well....

I also finished my sunshine scarf, it still needs blocking but of course I haven't been able to get to that yet....

I then started another pair of socks...same basic pattern but I thought I would make them a lot shorter.

After taking this picture I ended up ripping them out and starting over.  I think they were too loose so I am going to use a smaller size needle and see if that works.  It is a DK weight and I was using the size 5 the directions called for but for some reason they seem really holey...I will try a size 4 I guess and see how that works.

I'm really loving the knitting and I have to force myself to work on my applique for Dear Jane first but bribing myself seems to work wonders.

For more needles head on over to Judy's.....have a wonderful weekend everyone.


16 August 2012

Making Progress

Since I had some time off from work I have been really busy.  Well, I am busy either way but more quilty stuff was done.

I finished my last shop sample (for awhile anyway), another simple Halloween panel magic.  They go together so quickly. I plan on making some more in my future for some charity quilts, just enlarging the borders.

I also finished my Fat Quarter Shop bom for month 3, so far I have kept up hopefully that will continue.

So in the last two weeks I have finished, one block, 2 wall hangings, and my Birds Eye View.  That will probably be the only variety seen until the end of the year.

You will probably be bored with my blog since the only thing on my agenda for the rest of the year is Dear Jane, and Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, along with quilting all of my Waldo Canyon Quilts.

My goal is to have these all done by Dec. 31st so that I can start out the new year with a fresh slate.  I don't think it will be too daunting..yeah right...I have at least 90 blocks left of DJ, about 120 blocks left of Sylvia's and about 50 Waldo Canyon Quilts...no my life won't be boring but these blocks might drive me over the edge by the time I am done.  Oh yeah I also have another class starting in January but that one may be a fun one..we are doing a year of Schnibbles so that might just be the break I need.

I am off to do another orientation for school, one more today and a short one tomorrow.  The kiddos go back to school on Monday so hopefully soon I will have a routine to follow again.  Well, after my friend is here for two weeks that is...lots of shop hopping will be had I am sure.

Have a wonderful day.


13 August 2012

Design Wall Monday 8/13/2012

I actually have something on my design wall this week. I took a couple of days off to get some stuff done around the house after all of the company we have had...I still have more coming next week, but in the mean time I was busy.  I spent 2 days cleaning the boys bedrooms getting them ready for back to school.  I only had 1 big black trash bag full of trash and one full of goodwill stuff so not to bad. 

Anyway, I finished the top of my Birds Eye View quilt.  I thought it would only take me a day or so since I had all of the blocks and part of the center already put together.  Well, it ended up taking 3 days but the top is now done and it goes to the quilter on Friday....this quilt came out a lot bigger than I thought for some reason and working on it in the heat was not very fun.

I then did a store sample out of a panel.  From start to finish it may have taken me a total of 2 hours of course I machine sewed the binding down (one of these days I will get better at that).

I have one more sample to finish for the shop...the top is done I just have to quilt it. 

I hope to get that done today then it is of to work on DJ (I still have all 10 blocks to do for September) and then I have Sylvia's Bridal Sampler starting in September so I need to get the first 5 of those blocks done. I have over 20 done so far but I don't think they are the ones we are doing first.  I am going in order by column to get the quilt put together but I will be teaching out of order from easier ones to harder ones.

So between these chores and the back to school orientations this week, I think I will be pretty busy. Not to mention I still have to get school supplies, hair cuts etc..etc...

Hope everyone has a great sewing week and for more DWM's head on over to Judy's.


09 August 2012

Isn't it cute

There is a surprise birthday party this Sunday so I had my mother make this for a gift for a friend to give the recipient.  Isn't it too cute?  I asked my mom when I would get one...she looked at me like I was nuts.  Oh well...

It is kind of hard to see all of the details, but I love the bolts of fabric she made and the lovely bench. If only I could live in a house that looks like this...

I have had most of this week off. I spent a day cleaning out the boys bedrooms. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Only one big black trash bag of trash and one for goodwill clothes.  It would really be nice if they would slow down on the growing.  My 13 year old is now in size 11 shoes..or should I say boats. I did decide that I probably wouldn't be knitting him a pair of socks anytime soon. It would be like making a cover for a boat...

I am now off to sew...I am almost finished with the Birds Eye View for sample at work..it will go to the quilter next week when she is back from vacation.  I decided to have her quilt it because it is huge.  I then will work on two quick samplers for the store and then off to work on some Dear Jane and some Sylvia's (since class starts next month and I am behind again as usual.)

I am trying to get caught up and ahead a little bit (haha) since I have company coming for two weeks. I also had football start (Tues - Fri) and soccer starts next week (Mon - Fri) so now cooking is difficult and my time is no longer my own. 

I still have tons of quilt tops for Waldo Canyon to quilt but I only have so many backings to use...oh well make do with what I got and go from there so hopefully I will have some finished soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


08 August 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 5

It feels like I have fallen off the face of the Earth, in reality I have just been super busy.  We had company come and it was busy busy busy.

Here are some more quilts I have received. I did give 32 of them for the first handout this month.  They have another one scheduled for October and I am hoping I can get some more finished.

I also received a box of quilt kits that will be put to good use as well.

Thanks again for the wonderful outpouring of help.

Off to tackle some more projects.