29 November 2013

On The Needles 11/29/13

Just a little something I finished this week. Dad's birthday was Tuesday so I was on a mission to finish it before then and I did.

This is the 7-8-9 Hat from Ravelry. I used 7" needles. I also used a new to me super wash wool, Charley.
Not too bad for a quick finish and a quick start to boot.
I am off to buy more needles today. One of these days I will have all of the sizes I need. Well, I can hope anyway.
I also have these lovelies to work on. They are for my Time Travelers Scarf and Sock.

I have a couple of other projects I want to get done. So off I go to shop and sew and knit. At least I hope so. I gracefully or not so gracefully took a slide down a set of stairs at mom's house yesterday. Thank goodness it was only 5 stairs and I kind of slid bumped down them. Landed on my feet before I hit the tile below. Needless to say I woke up this morning not so gracefully. The posterior is killing me and the shoulders from trying to keep myself upright are sore as well. Guess a hot shower is in order first.
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27 November 2013

A Little Hexie

As much as I love EPP my hands don't. I still have a project to finish but after that I will have to take a break to see if that will help my hands.

I made these from a quilt magazine because I fell in love with them. (I can't remember the name of the magazine though to save my life and I am too lazy to go up and find it)

Made with 1.5 hexagons. Decided they were too big.

Didn't get it filled as much as I wanted but good enough.


Changed to 1'' hexagons. Liked it much better. I even was able to shove more walnut shells in this time. 

I actually made this one for a co-worker. I told her to bring me 7 3.5 in squares but didn't tell her what they were for. She asked though.
These are great little projects to make and give as gifts. Just a little rough on the fingers.
Have a great day.

26 November 2013

Fit For A Hero (FFAH)

I have been wanting to do a sew along with Judy at Patchwork Times for awhile and since I don't have anything else to do I jumped in with both feet. I can say "so far so good" of course it has only been one day.

I chose to use the same fabric colors that Judy used. I love patriotic quilts and to be honest I didn't even think of using a different color way.

Step 1 finished. It was short and sweet. I did get these done yesterday before working on my table runner.
Now off to work on something else. Hmmmm....wonder what that will be.

A Quick Something For Me

I decided since I was off of work this week I would just take some time and work on things I wanted to work on. Mainly some quick projects I have been wanting to do.

So, yesterday after running my errands. Had to hurry and get that ham for Thanksgiving and the pesky little gas tank in one of the cars was yelling for me to feed it, go figure, I came home and sewed.

I ended up not needing the charm pack. I just added 3 or 4 squares from stash.

I even added a label. I am taking it up to wash and square up now. Then it will be onto the coffee table to be covered with piles of stuff admired at night while watching TV.

Close up of one of the squares. The top cheddar is the one I added from stash.
I probably would have had this completed yesterday but those pesky children needed a ride home from school. Then for some reason they wanted dinner. I then had a surprise over night visit from my niece.  On top of all that I had a child that still does not want to do his homework or get good grades for that matter so it was a little bit of will battling going on. Unfortunately, I will now have homework to oversee all weekend long and it isn't a small amount either. It is a wonder I am still sane.
Well off to sew some more.
Pattern is courteous of  http://www.aquiltinglife.com/.

25 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/25/2013

I started a new project. Like I don't have enough to do already. I just decided I needed something to do when I don't feel like knitting and EPP is not good on my hands. I figured a needle turn applique would fit the bill and it doesn't hurt my hands as much. Weird I know.

Right now my plan is to only make 4 blocks. Each one will have a different design and a different color - Jade - Hot Pink - Yellow - Lime Green, and they will all be on a black background.

It is kind of hard to see the outline and I haven't cut out all of the surrounding fabric. I figure in some areas it will be easier to cut as I go.

I had a really hard time getting this cut out. The book I have gave me directions to cut it out like we used to do the snowflakes. You know fold the paper a billion times then cut. Well, trying to cut through eight layers of fabric was not working real well. Of course I also didn't have a big enough piece of paper to use either. I ended up tracing each section (eight of them) on to freezer paper, cutting out, placing the puzzle and ironing down then cutting out from there. I am going to have to find me some big paper for the next three that is for sure.

I also was frustrated because the book told me to use a 16 inch square of print fabric but that was too small I really needed to use a 20 inch like the background so needless to say there was some fabric wasted in the cut out of this block. At least I can cut the other ones larger. I still have 2 fabrics I need to wash.

I am off to do some chores then try to work on my first Fit For  Hero section once Judy posts it. I also need to get my blocks for Downton Abbey sewn together as well. Oh a crafter's work is never done.

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22 November 2013

On The Needles 11/22/13

I actually have off the needles this week, for a change. I finished my niece's hat. Not I just have to make some mittens to go with it and I am good. I did stop to work on another project, no surprises there. I decided I didn't like it and I messed up somewhere so I ripped that out and started over. I just finished the ribbing so hopefully I can get that done by next week.

Great way to use up some more of my stash yarn for sure.
On a side note. Remember those mukluks I said I would never make again. Well, it looks like that is gonna change. She loves them so much Auntie is just gonna have to make her another pair for when the ones she has are worn out. Oh well....all for love right.
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Michelle who is going to spend all day in the house because it is cold and snowy outside.

15 November 2013

On The Needles 11/15/2013

On the needles Friday or in my case the story of the Mukluks.

Last Sunday I decided to start a new project, because I didn't have enough on the needles as it was. Of course I had no needles in the size I needed. How that happens I do not know.

1. Run to Joann's on Sunday afternoon to pick up a quick set of cheap needles. Do you know how many crazy people are in there in the afternoon? Of course they do not have the size I need.

2. Run to Michael's (it's on the way home). You know how many crazy people are there in the afternoon? Of course they don't have the needles I need either.

3. Get home and figure out to use a smaller needle on the top section and a larger needle on the bottom section. Of course that could be backwards because I don't remember exactly what I did.

4. Realize the yarn I bought for this project sucks is not to my liking. It was a lambs pride variegated pink and split to much for me and was not allowing for a smooth knit. Of course I didn't figure this out until the third time I cast on. I figured it was me the first couple of times and I was just not knitting loose enough to get the stinking stitches to work right. Doing 4 increases in 4 stitches has a way of making my stitches tighter than a buffalo's..well we won't go there.  And by the way why does it take 3 attempts before I figure out it ain't gonna work.

5. Find a skein of chunky down in my inexpensive yarn tote. I ended up with a Deborah Norville chunky variegated yarn that feels a lot better. Again cast on 2 times and get to row 6 (each and every time including the lambs pride yarn) and still have my stitches tighter than tight. I finally cast on a third time and am a little looser, now mind you that is a play on words and I am glad I ended up using some inexpensive needles because I swear the tips of each needle have left and impression in the other needle the size of the Grand Canyon.

6. Realize that I am just gonna have to fight with the tightness of this yarn because that is just the way the pattern is and I am not going to cave in at this point. Finally finished the foot part of the Mukluk on Sunday night. I ended up having to fight and stretch and squeeze and scream (well not out loud anyway) and fuss and pretty much send my whole family out of the room but I got it done. I have also increased the muscle mass on my arms ten-fold with the fighting increase but that is ok. I don't have anymore increases and the legs of these puppies are going to be a piece of cake. Ok...a really hard, left out for weeks piece of cake, but a piece of cake none the less. Oh snap! I still have another stinking one to do, unless I want my poor little niece to only keep one foot warm at a time.

7. By Tuesday night they are both done and whip stitched close. Oh yeah I would rather knit in the round the whip stitch anything closed again. Yep, that is why right now I am working on a hat for the same precious little niece that is also knit on straights and whip stitched close. What was I thinking?

So I now have a beautiful pair of mukluks that are a little snug at the top because I apparently can't not knit loose enough with this stinking yarn and this stinking pattern so I obviously can not bind off loosely either. Yeah, didn't dawn on me until I was done with the second one to actually switch to a pair of needles that were maybe three times larger to get a loose bind off. If they at least last her through this winter I will be happy.

I can say that I will not be Mukluking again anytime soon.

Until I took this picture I didn't even realize that toes looked so different on each foot.

They don't look like they are the same size but they are exactly.

I love the colors. It is actually a blue/aqua/yellow/lime green. I need to get better at pictures for sure.
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14 November 2013

Loyal Union Progress

I have been making a little progress on my next BOM class for work. The Loyal Union Sampler. We will be starting this one in April, right at the end of Sylvia's. So every once in a while I will make a block just to get a head start. Today I finished off row 1. I only had to make 3 more blocks so between sneezing and sniffing I finished them up.

The first four blocks. The colors don't look to great but they are all scrappy from my reproductions. Funny that this will be my first big quilt out of those. Guess I was collecting them for a reason.
Blocks 5-8. I didn't realize the far right looked so much like Christmas. oh well.
Blocks 9-11. Far left looks really bright and like a taxi cab while the last one looks really washed out.
Tried to get a picture of the complete row but didn't work out to well. I enjoy picking different fabrics for every block but I do admit it is kind of difficult. Not something I do often especially with the backgrounds. I have tons to choose from so hopefully it will get a little bit easier as time goes on.
Off to do some knitting and sneezing before getting middle son at school and starting dinner.
Have a great day everyone.

11 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/11/2013

I have been on a hexie kick lately. I am teaching a couple of classes next year and am trying to get the sample done. The second class is on machine piecing the hexagons. I decided to use a Honeycomb from Moda since they were pre-cut.

My original intention was to make this large. After sewing on it for awhile I decided that it will not be happening. Of course this would have probably be easier if I had sewn rows first but of course I didn't.

After thinking some more I have come up with an easier plan of action. I am going to sew another sections of prints on the left side then another row of background but a row on the bottom and top and call it done. I may come out a weird size but it can be a wall hanging, table topper or something. I figure this was way I have a sample and I can use the other hexagons to make something easier. I have seen a few patterns that will work. I can say with honesty that I love English Paper Piecing the hexies a whole bunch better and I love the smaller sizes as well.

A lesson learned for sure.

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09 November 2013


Sometimes you just have to take a break. A break from the have-to quilts and spend sometime on the I want to things. Ironically for me at one time the have-to projects were the I want to projects, go figure.

I was up early this morning and had a shower, quick trip to Wal-Mart, bathroom clean and the hallway and living room carpets steam cleaned by 1000. What is a girl to do when the boys are at Men's Fellowship for the morning? Sew of course...

I went down to the sewing room and decided I was going to sew on something that did not have to do with y-seams (hexagons), or block of the months (Sylvia's or Loyal Union Sampler).

I decided to sew on my Mad City Mama that I have been working on as leaders and enders. So that is what I am doing.

Of course, that is after I remove the Zeus from my 1.5 inch string bucket. I asked him why he was in there but or course no response just a raised eyebrow. Boys I tell ya.
It really isn't as wonky as it looks.
Sub-cut into 5.5 inch sections. I only need 30 more.

And of course the leaders and enders. I wasn't going to do them but they kept calling my name. So the thimbles will be piling up. I have 34 now. Who knows how many I will need.
I am off to rotate another load of laundry then back to sewing before the "have-tos" need to be done.


04 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/4/2013

I have got a lot of little things I'm working on so it seems like I have nothing done.

I finished up my strips for the swap at work. They are 1.5 in strips. It will be nice when it is all done and put together. It will most definitely be scrappy.

I also have been working on my hexie project. This will be a class next year and I am trying hard to have it done before After Market Party at work on Dec. 8th. Don't know if that will happen though since my fingers are not working with me but against me. I am only able to do a little bit of hand sewing at a time before my thumbs go numb. Guess after I get this project done I will take a break for awhile and see if that helps.

I am almost finished attaching row 4 then I will be half way done. It will eventually be 8 rows of 7 and will be a pillow about 16.5 square. I used all of the fabric from my stash. It was kind of nice to pull my squares out and start using them on something.
I am now off to work on Sylvia's. I only have 54 blocks left and I set a goal for myself to do one block a day 'til it is done. Today, I will do two since I work tomorrow and know I won't want to sew when I get home. I rarely ever do.
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01 November 2013

On The Needles - Nov 1, 2013

Let me just say that when you give up on procrastination you actually get something done. I have been working on 4 projects every night. I may only do a little bit of each one but I do something. Normally it is hand sewing, then knitting, then hand sewing, then knitting. This way I rest my hands and I actually am making a lot more progress than I figured I would.

This is a block of the month I started awhile ago. I am no hurry to finish the complete afghan anytime soon but I wanted this block done. I only worked a repeat a day and it only took a little while but it is done. The second picture shows the true color a little bit better.
I like the idea behind this BOM because it has things I have never done in various blocks, bobbles, cables, chart reading to just name a few. But, I did tell myself that before I did another block I need to finish the back of the cardigan for my mother. So that will now become my 15 minutes of knitting, the rest of the knitting time is on my socks. I am just finishing up the heel now.
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Have a blessed day,