29 May 2013

Another Completion

I was on a roll this past weekend. Guess that is what happens when you get 5 days off in a row and tell yourself not to procrastinate.

I finished this quilt Monday by 2pm, quilted and bound. I then took care of all of the strings and washed it. It is now ready to go to its' new owners. I even took the left over fabric and made a quick pillowcase.

I was on a roll and really wanted to keep on quilting. I have 2 more basted and ready to go. I had to make myself stop though...I have Dear Jane blocks to get done. I just hope the finish bug doesn't leave me while I knock out these 10 blocks. I really like having things finished that's for sure.


27 May 2013

Design Wall Monday 5/27/2013 - A Completion

I finally have a finished quilt. I had been working on this one for awhile..you know the one with 168 flying geese. I even did them the "old school" way, which meant a lot of triangles and trimming, but it is done. It even has a label.

It took be forever to quilt it. I was just stitching in the ditch but my brain couldn't figure out a simple way to do it. Finally, after hours of turning, twisting and shoving from here to there I found a simple way to zig zag a bigger area and it went pretty quickly after that.

It is now washed and ready to take to work tomorrow, since it was a sample.

I tried to get a picture on the side of the deck but of course the wind picked up so I had to lay it down. Oh well.
I am going to try and get the baby quilt completed today and then I have to start on Dear Jane. I have 10 blocks due by next Wednesday and I haven't started on them yet. Guess I know what I will be doing this week. I really hate procrastinating but I can't help it when these days.
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24 May 2013

On The Needles 5/24/13

I am a slow knitter, very slow, and I don't knit all of the time. So, my projects are on the needles for a mighty long time.

I have been working on and off on this sock since Judy posted the pooling challenge. As you may be able to tell my sock didn't pool and I won't be done in time. It's all good though. I hope to finish this one sock before June 1st.

I did sign up for the Loopy Ewe's Camp Loopy. I just hope that I can make it through the first month then I can go from there.

I call this my Antarctic Sock. Love the colors and when I finally get the pair done I will love to wear them come winter.

My Camp Loopy loot. I will be using the pink (which is brighter than it appears in person) to make a summer scarf/wrap. My pattern is Meditation Infinity Scarf. I had to find something simple since I am still a novice at this knitting. I do have to learn a provisional cast on but it looks simple enough.
Now I am off to do some cleaning (maybe) and some sewing. I have a long weekend so maybe, just maybe I can get some things done.
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23 May 2013

Cutting and cutting and cutting

I feel like that is all I did for days. Well, actually that is all I did. I had eleven days off and I thought I would get tons of things done. Didn't happen but not for lack of trying. Making a to do list with the billion and one things you want to get done kind of reminds me of the saying "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach". I think this relates to quilting as well.

I really thought I would get DJ done, 4 tops quilted another top finished and these 3 quilts cut out and done. Yeah right! I did get all my DJ blocks and borders sewn together, although I noticed I did a couple wrong so I will be fixing that. I did finish a top and then I remembered I needed a baby boy quilt so that top is finished. I also cut 3 quilts out and they took a lot of cutting to do that is for sure.
The top and bottom are for my Indigo Crossing Star quilt I fell in love with the fabric so had to buy the kit.


Top and bottom here are PB and J fabrics from Basic Grey for Moda..I found the pattern at Moda Bake Shop and had to have it. It is Picnic in the Shade. I also fell in love with that and had to have it.


This is the baby quilt made with Riley Blake and the finished top is actually here.
I don't go back to work until Tuesday and minus a little promotion ceremony for the middle child I have nothing on my agenda except some sewing. My husband may have other plans but I am going to do my best to keep him busy outside while I stay inside.
I have a couple of kits I have to finish cutting for work and then I hope to get lots done. I may even get a sock finished too...that's my goal before Camp Loopy starts anyway.
Have a great day everyone.


PS.  After looking at the pictures it really doesn't seem like a lot of fabric but it was.
3 charm packs, 2 fat 1/8th bundles, 1 FQ bundle and some yardage.  Wow..

22 May 2013

A gift for a friend.

One of my co-workers, and a friend as well, was looking for a pincushion to set in front of her sewing machine. I decided to surprise her with a quick little gift just because.

It only took me about 30 minutes, probably less, to make this.

I took some scraps of 1 1/2 strips, sewed them together, added some batting to the back and stitched in the ditch on the top. Cut backing, sewed pieces together and turned right side out. I then filled it plum up to the top, almost with some crushed walnut shells then I added a little bit of fiber fill at the top. I find that it is easier to sew closed with the fiber fill vs. walnut shells. Hand sewed the top closed and there ya go a quickie pincushion. After awhile the fiberfill will migrate down and the walnut shells will be spread evenly through out.

Glad to say she loved it.


20 May 2013

Design Wall Monday 5/20/13

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. I guess life just seems to get in the way.

I have a last minute baby quilt that I have to get done, so I set aside everything and got busy. I only have the quilting left to do so hopefully that will get done this week. Then I have to bust out my Dear Jane blocks for next week. Guess that will make for a very busy week for me. Glad I only work 2 days this week.

I forgot to take a picture while it was on the design wall so here is the finished top.

A close up. I used three Riley Blake charm packs, although I don't remember the name.

I was supposed to draw a line on the back of 168 squares but that is just way to much for me. I find it easier to draw a line with a sharpie from the needle down to the end of my acrylic table. That way when I sew I just line up the corners diagonally with the drawn line and sew.  The sharpie line fades away after while and if I need it again I just remark it.  So much easier than drawing on the back of all those squares.
Well, hopefully life is back to normal and I can get back into a routine of blogging and sewing.  Especially since I am almost done with Dear Jane.
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Have a great week everyone.