26 September 2012

A Little Break

I have been working on Dear Jane and Sylvia's forever now it seems and finally I just needed a little break. 

I had ordered some patterns the other day from Mrs. Rosies Quilt Company that uses the new Moda precuts..candy (which are little 2 1/2 inch squares or mini charm packs).

I had enough fabric to acutally do both patterns but I only finished one so far, although the other is all cut out and ready to go.

I used Odds and Ends charm pack, this is the X topper and the O topper is ready to go next. 
 The lovely thing is that they don't take a lot of fabric and they are not very big so it is a nice change of pace (other than cutting 160 1.25 in squares that is), and no I was not going to draw a line on each on of those life the directions said.  I have the Angler so there you go.
Now to find time to quilt and bind this puppy and I will have a little finish for the year. 
Have a wonderful day.

25 September 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 9 - Finished Quilts

I finally had some time today to take some pictures of the finished quilts I have. I had a wonderful long armer volunteer to quilt some of the tops I had...I sent her 6 large ones and she finished them pronto and even put the binding and label.  Barb even sent 2 extras finished back with the others. 

They will all be delivered tomorrow to the quilt guild for the next disbursement on the 6th of Oct.  Oh happy day.

We have delivered 67 finished quilts. I still have 53 tops to quilt and fabrics and squares to do probably 10 or so more.  It is a wonderful thing and I can't wait to get all of these done.

I loved this backing.

Ready to be loaded into the van by the hubster tonight for drop off tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a blessed day. 

17 September 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 8

I finally have my first finish of the Waldo Canyon Quilts that have been sent in.  I tied the quilt together since it came to me ready to finish that way. Believe it or not tying quilts take a rather long time...well for me anyway. I do like it though since it is a little more portable.

As of today I have received 120 quilts of those 57 were completed and ready to deliver.  So that means that between now and who knows I have 63 to quilt but I have sent 9 out to volunteer long armers so that means I am now down to 54 quilts. I really am hoping to get as many of these done as possible by the end of the year.

I also have a ton of fabric and squares sent in to make tops..with all of these I may be able to get 10 more quilt tops out of them if not more. 

We have another delivery slated for October and at that time I will see how many more quilts are needed. I know that there were quilts coming in from all over and that they had quit a few at the last delivery in August.

Well, off to load a quilt on to the frame and then get another one ready to tie.

Have a great night everyone.


Design Wall Monday 9/17/2012

I'm back...I hope for good.  I had a lot of company and things going on but I am now hoping to settle into a busy routine and get lots of sewing done.  I still have tons of things to do that is for sure.

I received my next Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM so I took some time out from football to get a little bit of sewing done.

I just love these fabrics.

Here are the four blocks.
I am super happy that I have kept up with this BOM....lets hope it continues.
I am off from work the next two days so maybe I can get a lot of sewing done..especially since the house is clean.  I do have to soccer games and a football game this week but I usually don't do a lot of sewing at night.
To check out more design walls head on over to Judy's
Have a great day everyone.

16 September 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 7

I finally have the last of the boxes open and pictures taken.  I have been really behind but hopefully now I can get on a schedule and get busy on all of these wonderful quilt tops.

This is the front, picture below is the back...too cute...had to show it...looks as good as the front.

I will be back later this week with some updates on the numbers and quilts etc...let me just say that you quilters have been wonderful.
Have a blessed day,

14 September 2012

I Finally Did It

I finally did it...I finished a block completely by hand.  Will I do it again? Not unless I absolutely have to...this technique is not for me..that is for sure.

I have been working on this block for a long, long, long time - well procrastinating with it for a great length of time..at least since the beginning of summer.

It is by no means perfect but it is good enough for me.

The block on the left is the hand pieced the block on the right was my machine pieced.  It really doesn't look that bad in the photo but let me tell you it is rough...oh well lesson learned.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

13 September 2012

Back In the Groove

Finally, after a long time I am able to get back in the sewing room.  I am hoping I will get into a routine now that company is gone, kids are back in school and I am on a schedule with work.  It will still be hectic for awhile with football and soccer but life is good.

I finished up all of my DJ's for the last couple of months and sewed them into the quilt.  I now have rows A - G done and hopefully by the end of this month (Oct. blocks for class) that I will be able to do row H....progress for sure.

I also have my first Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (SBS) class this Saturday so I took some time today to make sure that was ready to go.

I would have liked to continue sewing but it is off to the vet with the dog.  Maybe I will sew tonight during football or maybe I will work on knitting some more of my sock...hmmm..decisions..decisions...

Have a wonderful day everyone.


11 September 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 6

I have received some lovely tops and quilts over the past couple of weeks. I have just been super busy to post before now.  I have had lots of company for the past month and no time to do anything. I am hoping that by this time next week I will be back in a routine with work, school and sports and will be able to make some progress. I am behind on everything right now.

The following quilts came all the way from Canada and they are all completed and ready to go with our next delivery in October. I love them all.  Thank you so much.

I have another box that was delivered yesterday and am hoping to go through that one when I get home from work. I also have another small stack upstairs to take pictures of as well. Right now I have over 110 quilt tops (which includes both done and not done).
Thanks again to everyone who has sent a top or quilt it is a wonderful thing. I am just gobsmacked with the wonderful outpouring of kindness.