31 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 6

I have a few more blocks done.  Sometimes it feels like this is all I do.  I guess that is what happens when you do 10 a month and there is a total of 255...
A9 - Cabin Fever

G1 - Hattie's Hen House
K1 - Crooked Creek

Now I am off to make copies for class tomorrow then hopefully spend some more time cleaning up the sewing room.  I am almost done cutting for these last 8 kits..then the fun can begin.


30 January 2012

Design Wall Monday 1/30/2012

I actually made some progress this week. I finished my Orca Bay, Bonnie Hunters mystery...I am so glad it is done and I absolutely love it.

Working on the rows.

Center Done

Top Finished

I think I am going to send this one to a long armer...there are so many seams and it is so heavy and most importantly I want it done. Since I still haven't taken the time to learn how to use my mid-arm..I do have to fix that issue soon.
I also decided that I need to take this week and make it a clean up week.  My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it.  I am so tired of all the kit stuff and extra crap I have piled around. So this will be my week to organize and get ready for everything I want to do.

I received my schedule for Feb. from work and after this week I actually get quit a few days off. I work Mon - Thur so I figure I can spend every afternoon getting everything cleaned up and by the time my days off come  (which is a 3 day weekend yay) I will be ready to get some things done.

My first goal after clean up week is of course Dear Jane (agghh) and then I have some QOV to get done.  I have one ready to quilt and I have many ideas floating around in my head.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and gets lots of projects done.

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Sew in piece.


29 January 2012

Stash Report Week 5 - 2012

I was busy this week I just don't have a lot to show for it.  I won't be counting fabric out until the quilt is completely done.  So me thinks I better get busy. I have also decided to count my BOM on the first stash report of the following month, that will give me time to add up the fabric. So I am already thinking my next stash report will be awful.

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 11.925 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 4 yards
Net Used for 2012: 7.925 yards

I did get the kits for these done, so I can take these bolts back to work.

I still have to finish kitting up this mess.

Once this is kitted up all of these can go back to the shop.  82 bolts don't seem to take up a lot of room but they really do. 
It is really hard to get to the design wall, but I am hoping that will change this week. Although I do work almost every day this week. I hope to have more progress to show you tomorrow during design wall Monday.

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24 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 5

 I actually finished my blocks for next class early, well, I just remembered I have one to applique then I am done.  I can spend the rest of the week working on other things....like Orca Bay...

I have decided to try and do at least one DJ  block a day, except Saturdays, maybe this way I can get them done a little bit sooner. If I stay with the class schedule I won't have them all done until sometime in 2013 and I just don't want to take that long.  I want it done!!!!!

E2 - Merry May

E3 - Paddle Wheels

G13 - Molly's Muffins

F13 - Tour de France

G8 - Justins' Comet

BR2 - Leigh's Woods

BR4 - Candy Dish

C10 - Patriots Lantern

Hope everyone has a great week.


23 January 2012

Design Wall Monday 4 - 1/23/12

I still have DJ up on my design wall. Will it ever come down? Who knows.

I didn't get a lot finished this last week. I was busy cutting kits (60 of them) and working.

I did spend sometime on Orca Bay...slow but steady for sure.

I was hoping to work on this some more but of course I have to set it aside to work on other priotities.  I have 4 (I think) more DJ blocks to finish by next Wed. I also wanted to work on Judy's QOV quilt a long, I guess I will just have to see what I can get done in the next couple of days.  I work this morning but will have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to sew.  With hubby gone I may stay up in the studio longer.

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22 January 2012

Stash Report Week 4

I have been doing a lot this week it just doesn't seem to be counting towards anything.  I finished cutting 60 kits for our Generals Wive's BOM and some extra fabric needed for our Cotton Club BOM.

I did get some of my BOM kits but I haven't figured out where I am going to put the fabric for that so figure I will decide that by the end of the month.

So I did pretty good this week. I had one small finish you can see here. Which used a charm pack and a 1/2 yard of fabric.  I also have some progress so show this week on my Orca Bay. 

I bought 1/2 yard of some background fabric.  I wanted some before it was gone at the shop and it was selling like hot cakes.

So here are my numbers for the week.

Used this Week: 1.8 yards
Used year to Date: 11.925 yards
Added this Week: .5 yards

Added Year to Date: 4 yards
Net Used for 2012: 7.925 yards

Good news is that I am still using more than buying..well..until I add my BOM....oh well can't win for losing.

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21 January 2012

Small Finish

I just finished putting the binding on my Primitive Gatherings charm school quilt.  It's small but still finished.  I really enjoyed putting this one together, after I realized the cutting wasn't that bad.  I have visions of making many more of these.  It is a good little gift and doesn't take much fabric at all.

I don't think I will get much else done this week. I have a long shift today, well longer than what I am used to. I also have inventory tomorrow which will mess my week up since I am not used to working Sundays.  My husband leaves for a week which will throw my schedule off even more.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


20 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 4

I think we may be done until next month
J4 - Adelaine's Apron Strings

J6 - Granny Weaver

J7 - Chicken Tracks

J12 - Rebecca's Basket

K2 - Grandpa's Chickens

K3 - Seven Sisters

K9 - Scout's Honor

L1 - Widow's Pane

L4 - St. George's Cross

LS5 - Suzie Q

LS11 - Kathy's Cake

M5 - Mother's Point

M10 - Simple Simon

M12 - Hopscotch

TR2 - Australian Pines

TR3 - Checkerboard

TR9 - Needles Point (pink)
RS8 - Love Forever (brown)

After looking at these and comparing them to my book I found that I have missed some. I guess I will have to take a moment down the road and figure out which ones. Oh well ....this is food enough for now since it is the majority of them.  I only have one more to applique that I have already prepared and hopefully later I can finish up the 10 I need for Feb.

Off I go to run errands then hopefully home to sew.

Have a good day.


19 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 3

We are almost caught up.. 

E1 - Aunt Exie's Phlox

E3 - Paddle Wheels

E12 - Mary Ruth's Corset

F3 - Snowball

F4 - Old Windmill

G3 - Four Leaf Clover

H1 - Peek - a - boo

H3 - Berry Baskets

H13 - Farm Fields

I1 - Ralph and Nelda's Wedding

I2 - Kaye's Courtyard

I3 - Family Album

See....it feels like I've been doing this forever.