31 October 2013

QOV - Big Blocks

I made a bunch of blocks, well 20, for Alycia's QOV drive. I really wanted to get more done but I didn't get around to it.  I always have too many things to do and to much procrastination going on.

I can't wait to see what she does with all of these blocks. There really is 20 there I just forgot to take a picture with them all spread out, go figure.

I also have a quilt to send maybe I can get that in the mail this month.


14 October 2013

Design Wall Monday 10/14/13

I actually worked on something that wasn't Sylvia's and I finished it. My sister kept asking me for a diaper bag and I kept forgetting. So finally Thursday morning I went and bought the fabric, went home and procrastinated, finally started late afternoon Thursday and finished before football started.

Now, that is a way to get a project done I think.

I even bought some extra owl fabric to make my niece a skirt.

Hubby's off today so not much sewing. Tomorrow I have to get ready for 3 days worth of Bonnie Hunter classes. Busy week for sure.

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07 October 2013

Design Wall Monday 10/7/13

I have been working on a lot of everything so it seems like I get nothing done. I am still stuck on Loyal Union Sampler. It is like potato chips I can just make one. I had to force myself to put it up so I could get my Sylvia's done for this month. I only have 3 more to go plus the 4 extra ones then I can get back to some other projects.


Loyal Union Sampler

Hopefully with hubby back to work today, no thanks to the shutdown,  I can get some major sewing in.

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04 October 2013

On the Needles 10/4/2013

I really haven't done a bunch of knitting or anything else for that matter this last week. It was another hectic week around the household and then the government had to do its thing so now my DH is home with me for awhile. Guess we might start painting next week. So much for my plans.

Anyway, I have been working on this Kimono Cardigan for my mom for a long, long, long time. Well not all of the time there may have been months and months in between picking up the needles on this but that is besides the point right.

I'm hoping in the next century to at least get the back done so I can do the other pieces. I just knit slow so it seems to take twice as long.

I need to get to 27 inches to complete this portion.
See the stitch marker. See the needles. I timed myself to see how much I could get done in an hour. That was it. I didn't get up. I didn't stop. I had pedal to the metal. I hope with time I get faster because at times it is so frustrating. I normally don't mind the speed but when I want to get this cardigan done it is a drivin' me nuts.
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03 October 2013

A Little Clean Up

I really have been busy doing things. It might not be crafty things or even things I want to do but I think that is called life.

I finally was tired of staring at the mess in the one closet. You know the one where you shove everything in it when you move and figure you will get to it soon. Well, after almost 10 months I figured I would tackle it. So, off I went to buy some shelving and now it is much better in there. Still have some sorting and stuff to do but that can wait for another day.

The sewing center. It is clean but I forgot a picture.

Go Ahead and try and get in this closet.

I have decided that it is a lot better to sew than to clean. If only I could make myself keep my area clean.
Have a great day everyone.