28 February 2011

Stash Report #5

Just a quick post to show my stash report. I have been really busy and am hoping to get out there sometime this week to show what I have been up too.

In the mean time I hope everyone has a great week and gets lots of projects and sewing done.

Beginning Total             2470.5
Used This Week           24.125
Used YTD                    88.625
Added This Week         73.25
Added Year To Date    316.75
Ending Total                 2519.50


20 February 2011

Stash Report #4

I almost forgot to report today.  I was "sew" busy making birthday swap blocks  and watching the Daytona 500 (rather listening and then looking up when there were crashes).

I actually didn't have too much come in this week and for me that is odd.  I have been on a yarn kick, but more on that another time.

Beginning Total             2470.5
Used This Week           0
Used YTD                    64.5
Added This Week         1
Added Year To Date    243.5
Ending Total                 2471.5

Good news is I used a lot today and of course bought some today so that will go on my totals for next week.

I am going to try and finish the birthday blocks for my blockswappers group and go to one of my local charity group events tomorrow.

I go to the Doctors on Wed. about my foot and more than likely I am going to finally be put in a cast, not looking forward to but what can I do.  It has been over 2 months and it still isn't healing.  Why didn't they just cast me to begin with I do not know (and either do the last to doc's I saw for that matter).

Hope everyone has a great Monday.


18 February 2011

Swap Overload

I have a feeling that I won't be getting too many completed quilts done this year.  It seems like I am on swap overload...I can't seem to say no and they just keep coming.

There are mini bowties, birthday squares, charm squares, square in a square, dissapperaing 9 patchs, ohio stars, journey steps, and ...well the list could go on. 

Top this off with all of my BOM and my civil war blocks, and the desire to start my Farmers Wife, Dear Jane, Nearly Insane and I figure I am just doomed.

I am also using leaders and enders to start my Blue Ridge Beauty and since I also received my Scraps and Shirtails II ....I have now added a bazillion more to the list.

Not including my other endeavors, my etsy store, crochet, beading, latch hooking and locker hocking...oh my.

I think that to get everything accomplished I would like--I need to not sleep for the next 100 years and more than likely there will still be some stuff I haven't completed.

I finally decided that this is OK.  I can feed my swap addiction, get some neat squares in return and if they don't make it into a completed top they will be there waiting to become a quilt back which to me is just as good.

It's the experience that counts, right?  Well....I think it is more the fact that I love getting squishies in the mail, as well as seeing how others have used their fabric choices to make up a block.

Oh the things we can think when we have a few minutes.....

I am off to do some more blocks for another swap....have a wonderful weekend and take a few minutes to sew.


15 February 2011

UFO Finish #3

I finally finished another UFO..this one has been sitting around for about two years and all it needed was the binding sewn down.  Can you tell I hate doing the binding? I ended up doing this one on the machine, it is quicker but honestly I suck at it.  I guess I will keep trying and maybe with time I will get better, but then again it always looks so much better to me when sewn down by hand.

I had this one long armed by a friend who's husband was just learning how.  It came out really good, he does everything freehand so this one had flowers all over it. 

Another check off my list. Yeah.

Have a great day and sew for a few minutes, it always makes life a little more bearable.


14 February 2011

I do finish....

I do completely finish quilts but for some reason lately that hasn't been the case.

I found some pictures of quilts I have finished that I thought I had lost, so today is a picture show of some past quilts.

Most of these have been given away but I still have plenty here to fill up my house.

Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone had a great sweetheart day.

I didn't really get anything done for Valentines day this year like I usually do. I did make some mug rugs/ candle mats that are out on my Etsy store, but that was it.

I thought I would just take a few minutes and show you some things I have made in the past. 

I love hanging these all on the wall grouped together, mainly because my boys then keep their hands off the wall, they make for a nice Valentiny feel.

I hope everyone gets something great from their sweetheart today.


13 February 2011

Civil War Block 3 -7

I finally am caught up on my civil war blocks.  With the trip and family duties I seem to have "gotten" really behind. I spent this last weekend trying to get caught up on so that I could find something new to do.  I still haven't figured out what but I am sure I will really soon.

Have a great day.


Stash Report Sunday #3

I kind of got behind with reporting my stash with my trip and life changing my routine around. So this week the numbers really look a little weird but hopefully this will get me back on track.

Beginning Total             2275
Used This Week           42.5
Used YTD                    64.5
Added This Week         237.5
Added Year To Date     242.5
Ending Total                 2470.5

These totals show a couple of weeks of useage and non useage but hopefully I will be back on track.  I did buy alot of backing fabrics since it was on sale.

Oh well maybe better luck this month.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


01 February 2011

Im Back

I finally got back last Wednesday and it has been totally hectic here since then. I had an ortho appointment for my foot on Thursday.  That did not go too good, they want to cast it but since I had no one to drive me home I now have to wait.  I go back on Feb 23 so we shall see what happens then. In the mean time they say stay off of it and wear my boot 24/7, which in turn is hard to do (stay off of it anyway). I have learned to drive pretty good left footed....do I like it no!!!  I then had dentist appointments and grocery shopping to do.

Good news is that I didn't have to clean the house, my hubby steam cleaned the carpets in the basement and rearranged the family room while I was gone.

I am now getting back to semi normalcy..except the -32 degree weather and the boys being home from school today. But as my oldest says...its all good.

Well now that I am back I can tell  you all where I went.  I was making a surprise visit to my old haunting ground in Las Vegas.  They have a sew in once a quarter and of course I decided to hop on over and say hello. I miss that place for sure.  We had tons of socializing, food, quilt shop hopping and fun.  My friend Jan was gracious enough to let me stay at her house and I thank her profusely.

Taken at Quiltique

If you live in Vegas and have never been to Quiltique...go.....if you visit Vegas go to Quiltique they also have a lovely web site as well.  They are really nice there and I just love that store.

Well I better go and tend the fire place and get some stuff done.

I do have some interesting things coming up and I am hoping to get it all sorted and ready by next week.

Sew today, it's better than braving the cold weather.