25 October 2014

A Little Bit of Appliqué

Im teaching a new block of the month next year. So of course I'm trying to get ahead. The choice in the setting squares was appliqué or a pieced block. I couldn't decide at first. After spending untold hours cutting, starch and pressing all of those little pieces I made up my mind.  There will be 4 blocks appliqués and 12 pieced. I love appliqué most of the time but these pieces were a little too persnickety for me.

I now have one done.  One ready to stitch and 2 left to prepare. I am procrastinating on that part..

Here is what the complete quilt looks like. I have a lot left to go.
Plain & Fancy

Have a great day. I am off to starch and press some more then head on to work. Fun times.


21 October 2014

The things you do for your Brother.

My brother works at Rock Bottom Brewery. My brother knows I sew. My brother asked me if I could make a curtain to cover some area at his work. I said sure. My brother asked if I could embroider the name of the brewery onto the curtain I said no but maybe I could iron it on. My brother gave me the graphic, it is black. My brother needed the curtain black. Can you see the dilemma? I am good at certain things but trying to get a black iron on to a black curtain taint happening.

After some trial and error this is what I came up with. I just had my hubby print that graphic onto printer fabric and top stitched that puppy down. I thought the grommets would be the hard part boy was I wrong. But it is done. I was paid and he is happy.


19 October 2014

Loopy Academy Hat

I am done with Freshman Year of Loopy Academy. Of course I blogged about these in reverse order of finishing them but oh well.

I love the yarn on this one it is super soft. I used Cascade Superwash Sport in Charcoal and it feels really nice. I ended up making the small slouchy but I think next time I will make the big one. I think my kiddos will like them better. This one fits Ryan well but I think he would like it slouchier.

I am getting better at adding patterns to my knitting and venturing a little farther out of my comfort zone with various stitches. If only I could knit quicker. I have too many things on my to do list.

I really need to find another way to take photos of these. This doesn't show them off really well.

Off to do more posting and labeling and knitting and sewing.


18 October 2014

Loopy Academy Mittens

I have only made mittens once before. They did not turn out very good.

So, having to make mittens again wasn't really high on my want to do list, but I did it.

I wanted to do a mitten with a little bit of a pattern. I wasn't really in the mood for round and round and round with nothing else. So, I chose to Corrugated Mitten Pattern which seemed the simplest one for me to do. I picked out a Burnt Orange yarn, different for me, and off I went.

It only took me 4 days to do the first one and 6 days to do the second one (now if I could only do that with socks). I still have problems with holes in the the thumb gusset no matter how much I think I have managed it.

Good news. I am getting much better at sewing up holes and gaps.
Bad news. I don't really want to do that.

I didn't even try to match them but my cowl and mittens match even the hat coming up soon does too although not as well.


17 October 2014

A Sewing Post...really

Most of my sewing is not lately is not something that is done quickly. They are all BOM and various other versions. I remember the days when I pieced things quickly. One of these days I will be doing some more of that.

My sister asked me for another diaper bag as a gift out of Mickey Mouse Fabric. So after searching and finally finding the fabric at Hobby Lobby I was all set to go.

I usually make the Bow Tuck purse pattern and modify it a little bit. Not this time. I had to much stuff to do and not a lot of time, as usual, so I changed things up. I used the Tahoe Tote pattern and boy did it go quick. It only took a couple of hours. Now, to be honest it may have taken a little less time but lately I can't seem to read directions to well. Even though I read them a couple hundred times and felt in my gut I wasn't sewing it together right. I still did my own thing. I then of course had to rip out the last seam which of course is the most difficult. I had sewn the outside to the inside but backwards and upside down and who knows. I just know that when I was finally at the magical - pull the bag through whoo hoo step it was not right. Nothing like un-sewing a complete round of complex stitching. But, I finished.

As easy as bags are to make most of the time they are still not my favorite. I don't really know why.


On the Needles 10/17/2014

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I had grand plans and ideas then life gets in the way.

Hopefully, I will be back for good.

First things first. I did change my blog name and page etc.  it better matches up with all of my other things. So, now I am  knitnpiece.blogspot.com 

I have finished ton's of things but of course still not as much as I want.

Last night it was my Loopy Academy Cowl project. I used the Father Time pattern. Yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock  in Colorway Maple. I only ended up casting on 240 vs 300 stitches. I am going to say that was a design decision but in reality I lost my measurement somewhere and I was a tad to short. Oh well it still works. It ended up coming out about 5 inches wide so nice and cuddly when wrapped twice.

I guess I should have tried to get a better picture. One of these days I will improve.

For more needle fun head on over to Judy's.


I will have lots more to show I promise.