03 October 2013

A Little Clean Up

I really have been busy doing things. It might not be crafty things or even things I want to do but I think that is called life.

I finally was tired of staring at the mess in the one closet. You know the one where you shove everything in it when you move and figure you will get to it soon. Well, after almost 10 months I figured I would tackle it. So, off I went to buy some shelving and now it is much better in there. Still have some sorting and stuff to do but that can wait for another day.

The sewing center. It is clean but I forgot a picture.

Go Ahead and try and get in this closet.

I have decided that it is a lot better to sew than to clean. If only I could make myself keep my area clean.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Looks good! Nancy Offutt told me years ago, "at the end of each project, stop and clean up your sewing room" I've saved beaucoup bucks buying new rulers and rotary cutters that I couldn't find now that I follow her advice!

  2. YEP, It is MUCH MORE FUN to SEW than it is to Clean. I don't dare show pictures of my Woman Cave...Aka: Sewing Space. Coming to see you again soon.