04 November 2014

I've Been Cleaning

A couple of months ago we rearranged my sewing room and I never really liked it. So this past weekend I was at it again. This time I took down my mid-arm frame, going to sell it, since I never use it anyway. I took everything out of my Koala table and cabinet and am going to sell that too. I just don't have enough room.

I cleaned out my spare bedroom, fabric closet and everywhere else in the basement I had set quilty things. I even had stuff in boxes still from when we moved and that was almost 2 years ago.

I listed some stuff on Craig's list and have a big pile for Goodwill. I am on a roll.

I bought a new sewing table at Salvation Army (it was even on sale) and I had my hubby make me an awesome table top for my mid arm.

A little bit of the before's in various areas. It really did look worse than this by the time I started cleaning.

The finished area. I still need to clean off the ironing area but have realized with out my Koala I don't really have table space. Towards the end I was putting things in non-designated areas just to get it out of the other room. Next thing on my agenda is some more storage units.

This closet now has a lot more fabric in it than it did in this picture. I must get busy sewing.

The almost empty room will have some my yarn stash from upstairs brought down. I just haven't felt like doing that yet either.

I am now off to sew for the first time in my almost clean room. I hope I can keep it that way.

Have a wonderful day.

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