06 February 2015

On the Needles 2/6/2015

I missed last week. I had my oldest son get out of the Navy so I was picking him, his wife, and 2 dogs up. It has been a very hectic week.

I actually had my socks finished middle of last week but didn't get around to posting. Since then not a lot of knitting has been going on.

I have worked on youngest son's Seattle hat I am hopefully going to finish that this week.

I received my yarn for Loopy Academy as well so I am hoping to get a good start on that as well.

Vanilla Latte socks - Cant remember the yarn off the top of my head and I am too lazy to go upstairs and get the information.

I have a cat and dog, neither mess with any of my stuff. They are old and know better. Enter my son and his 2 lovely dogs, one which is a Husky and only 11 months old. Here is what happens when you leave your husband in charge to run to the grocery store. Of course this is after I cleaned it up off the floor.

Since then the coral one has been wound (was only in 3 sections so I am hoping to splice it together) Still waiting for son to untangle other two. I am not doing it.

This is one that I was able to find a replacement. Although the colors are way different. I still am hoping that I will be able to use some of the right one. I just haven't messed with it.

This was the quick fix. It doesn't look great but will work for now. If CJ (oldest son) ends up staying longer than a few weeks I will buy some cubes to hold the yarn. In the mean time I am hoping it is safe.

For more beauties head on over to Judy's

My numbers have changed so that is nice. Hoping to have an update on my Yarn Report if I have time to do it later.



  1. Your finished socks ROCK. I love how the pattern looks on the heel and other parts of the socks. You must find the name of them sometime in the future. You poor dear regarding your yarn. I would have been in tears and probably saying a few choice words. Hope you can save most of it for later, but I totally agree, that you DO NOT do the untangling. Both of them need to learn a lesson. lol

    1. Thank you so very much. The yarn is Shepherd Sock by Lorna's Laces colorway Spats (1512). I was really good and didn't say any bad words but I did do a lot of yelling to get everyone's attention. Both the son and daughter in law didn't look to swift afterwards. Only good thing is other than the one skein it really was inexpensive yarn.

  2. Your socks are great. Love the color and pattern. Hopefully all of your yarn is safe now. Yikes!!