23 September 2013

Design Wall Monday 9/23/2013

I tried to resist. I really did. Friday in between making pasta for all the kiddos I took about 45 minutes and caved in. I started the Loyal Union Sampler because doing Sylvia's Bridal Sampler wasn't enough. Although I did show everybody in my class on Saturday so it looks like there will be a class for this one. We won't start it until March/April though. Maybe by then I can get more SBS done.

These were three of the easiest blocks.
I also worked on some applique then I was back to working on my hexie project. I finished sewing to strips together, making the third strip and now I am sewing that one on. I only have one strip left to do after this then I can assemble my handy dandy needle case and of course move on to the next project.
This one is nice because all of the fabric came from my pre-cut scrap bucket.
Off to do some chores then hopefully sew some more today.
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  1. YEA! Glad you're joining the FUN! I'm not sure what you're idea of easy is...I made easier ones I think!

    1. Easy for me on these....no templates and no paper piecing. Just some quick cutting and sewing...Maybe now I will go back and start at the beginning.

  2. UMMMM, get back to Sylvia's Missy! Momma B ;^)