12 April 2014

Loyal Union Sampler Month 1 - April

I started teaching my Loyal Union Sampler class yesterday. I have 2 classes a month. So to help my peeps out I told them I would post a picture of each block so if they needed a reference they would be here. This way I will also have a nice little reminder of the blocks I did and when.

We are attempting 8 blocks a month so we should be done in 18 months.

A1 - Abel's Favorite. Pretty easy HST and quick pieced flying geese.

A3 - A House Divided - The book has the arrows going the other way but for some reason I decided to beat to my own drum and put them sideways. In reality I just wasn't paying attention and I am not un-sewing it. One of these days I might even get my points to match up better.

A4 - Anneke's Choice -  A paper pieced block that no matter how you look at it is wonky. I just had to call it done.

A5 - Antietam - I love this block a few templates and triangles and you are good to go.

A7 - Beacon Lights - Another one I need to work on not cutting off my points. I have slowed down and I am getting better. I know in the grand scheme of 111 blocks it won't be too noticeable. Another simple pieced block. 

A8 - Best Friend - Points are not my friend. It came out looking a little like Christmas to me. I also learned an easier way to make all those HST.

A9 - Blockade - I call it my taxi cab block. I really like this one and even though it used a template it was easy to put together as well.

A10 - Broken Path - A little bit of rotary cutting and your good to go. Nice to have a quick block thrown in there. We have some tough ones coming up.
I'm trying to work in rows so we can put them together as we go. There just happened to be a couple of trickier ones at the beginning and I didn't want to scare everyone away at the first class. Next month we will have the A row done and start working on the B row.
It will be nice to see every one's blocks. We have some doing blue/white, red/white, scrappy, red/green/white, maroon/brown/blue. They will all look so different. My goal is to not use the same fabrics at all, neither backgrounds or prints. Lets see if that works.
Off to get ready for football in the gorgeous 70+ degree weather today before the 40's and snow hit. Welcome to April in Colorado.


  1. Good idea to do it by Rows. I have a few of these already done for my LUS! Glad you are posting blocks HERE and working on it. It's always fun to see the different fabrics and placement.

  2. Thank you. I have realized that these blocks are a little more difficult than Sylvia's or maybe it is just because they take more templates. Who knows.