18 April 2014

On the Needles 4/18/2014

I am making progress. Little by little.

I finished the first of my fingerless gloves. I still have to weave in the ends.

It didn't turn out to bad I don't think. Especially since this is my first time making one.

My hats for sailors is coming along. I was hoping to get to the decreases last night but I had a desire to sew so that is what I did.
I had and have some yarn coming in but I will wait and post all of that next week. Who knows maybe by then I will have these projects finished and then my numbers won't look to bad.
Off to sew and craft but first a Dr. apt for the kiddo since there is no school today. Hopefully the next week will be full of finishes. I only have to work one day and have classes one day out of the next 11...yippee!
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  1. Your fingerless mitt looks great! The colors will sure brighten a dreary winter day.

    1. Thank you. That is what I am hoping for anyway.

  2. Oh boy! Time off to look forward to is wonderful, isn't it?!? Your glove is beautiful - love all the color!

  3. Love all the colors of your fingerless mitt. It will be fun to wear them come winter time. Have fun on your time off.