31 May 2014

Loyal Union Sampler Month 2

I am a little behind but here are the May blocks for Loyal Union Sampler. Good news is I already have June scheduled to post so I will be on schedule.

These blocks are still a little bit persnickety but I really love doing them.

A2 - Abigail's Swing - This one was with templates and set in seams. I should have done by hand but didn't so it is a little puffy. I can live with it though.

A6 - Augusta - Another pesky one. Trying to line up those points was a little tricky.

A11 - Broken Window - Kind of nice after the previous ones. Still thinking about doing it over because I keep losing my points. This is the last one in the A row.

B1 - California - I ended up using the flip and stitch method to get my black squares. Much easier than set in seams and I don't mind the seams.

B2 - Camp Curtin - Nice to have another simple one. Start to look forward to these after awhiile.

B3 - Campfire - A few pieces but nothing hard.

B5 - Chambersburg - Square in a Square - Nothing to it.

B6 - Charlie Stokey's Star - This one was a tad difficult. I didn't want to deal with the set in seams so I used the stitch and flip method on the white fabric and the dark pink one. The fabrics didn't look like they blended so much before I started. Afterwards, forget it. I can live with it. I was not remaking this block.

June we will finish row B and start on row C. Pretty soon 2 rows done. Yay.



  1. You are smart to put them in the rows as you go. Now worries about duplicating a block. Do you leave the extra piece behind the stitch and flip? I made/tested a Charley Stokey Star for the Harvest colored quilt in the LUS book. It wasn't fun! I have a few more to do before I can put rows A & B together. I think they will be on my Design Wall this coming week.

    1. I don't leave the fabric behind the stitch and flip, it is just a personal preference. When I decided to teach this class I thought it would be better to do in rows. So that way the sashing is put on at the same time and by the time the class is done the center will be pretty much complete. I plan on being done in 12 months.