18 February 2011

Swap Overload

I have a feeling that I won't be getting too many completed quilts done this year.  It seems like I am on swap overload...I can't seem to say no and they just keep coming.

There are mini bowties, birthday squares, charm squares, square in a square, dissapperaing 9 patchs, ohio stars, journey steps, and ...well the list could go on. 

Top this off with all of my BOM and my civil war blocks, and the desire to start my Farmers Wife, Dear Jane, Nearly Insane and I figure I am just doomed.

I am also using leaders and enders to start my Blue Ridge Beauty and since I also received my Scraps and Shirtails II ....I have now added a bazillion more to the list.

Not including my other endeavors, my etsy store, crochet, beading, latch hooking and locker hocking...oh my.

I think that to get everything accomplished I would like--I need to not sleep for the next 100 years and more than likely there will still be some stuff I haven't completed.

I finally decided that this is OK.  I can feed my swap addiction, get some neat squares in return and if they don't make it into a completed top they will be there waiting to become a quilt back which to me is just as good.

It's the experience that counts, right?  Well....I think it is more the fact that I love getting squishies in the mail, as well as seeing how others have used their fabric choices to make up a block.

Oh the things we can think when we have a few minutes.....

I am off to do some more blocks for another swap....have a wonderful weekend and take a few minutes to sew.


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  1. I think your attitude is right on...just enjoy what you are doing.