01 February 2011

Im Back

I finally got back last Wednesday and it has been totally hectic here since then. I had an ortho appointment for my foot on Thursday.  That did not go too good, they want to cast it but since I had no one to drive me home I now have to wait.  I go back on Feb 23 so we shall see what happens then. In the mean time they say stay off of it and wear my boot 24/7, which in turn is hard to do (stay off of it anyway). I have learned to drive pretty good left footed....do I like it no!!!  I then had dentist appointments and grocery shopping to do.

Good news is that I didn't have to clean the house, my hubby steam cleaned the carpets in the basement and rearranged the family room while I was gone.

I am now getting back to semi normalcy..except the -32 degree weather and the boys being home from school today. But as my oldest says...its all good.

Well now that I am back I can tell  you all where I went.  I was making a surprise visit to my old haunting ground in Las Vegas.  They have a sew in once a quarter and of course I decided to hop on over and say hello. I miss that place for sure.  We had tons of socializing, food, quilt shop hopping and fun.  My friend Jan was gracious enough to let me stay at her house and I thank her profusely.

Taken at Quiltique

If you live in Vegas and have never been to Quiltique...go.....if you visit Vegas go to Quiltique they also have a lovely web site as well.  They are really nice there and I just love that store.

Well I better go and tend the fire place and get some stuff done.

I do have some interesting things coming up and I am hoping to get it all sorted and ready by next week.

Sew today, it's better than braving the cold weather.


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  1. You are very welcome. Come back again. Where did you get that picture? I know where it was taken, but how did you get it. lol