20 February 2011

Stash Report #4

I almost forgot to report today.  I was "sew" busy making birthday swap blocks  and watching the Daytona 500 (rather listening and then looking up when there were crashes).

I actually didn't have too much come in this week and for me that is odd.  I have been on a yarn kick, but more on that another time.

Beginning Total             2470.5
Used This Week           0
Used YTD                    64.5
Added This Week         1
Added Year To Date    243.5
Ending Total                 2471.5

Good news is I used a lot today and of course bought some today so that will go on my totals for next week.

I am going to try and finish the birthday blocks for my blockswappers group and go to one of my local charity group events tomorrow.

I go to the Doctors on Wed. about my foot and more than likely I am going to finally be put in a cast, not looking forward to but what can I do.  It has been over 2 months and it still isn't healing.  Why didn't they just cast me to begin with I do not know (and either do the last to doc's I saw for that matter).

Hope everyone has a great Monday.


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