12 March 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/12/12

I was actually able to accomplish a few things last week. This week will probably different.

I finished two tops which was kind of nice. I then spent all day Sunday working on DJ..doesn't seem like I accomplished mush yesterday but I worked on 5 blocks, 2 of them I finished completely and 3 of them are ready for applique. I am hoping between today and tomorrow to finish the other 5 and then I will be ahead for next month.

Box Step - I have had this one cut out for quit awhile and finally decided to use it as leaders and enders. It is now done and onto the flimsie pile.

TV Dinner..this one is for Charm School in April. I teach both Charm School and Strip Club next month. I will then be done for a couple of months...I'm hoping anyway.

I have so many flimsies that need to be quilted.  I really need to take some time from sewing and learn how to use my machine. Maybe I will try to do that the end of this month when I have almost the whole week off.

For other design wall's head on over to Judy's.

Here is to everyone having a wonderful Monday...hope the time change didn't mess too many of you up.



  1. I really like your yellow, black and white quilt top.....it just pops :)

  2. Love the box step colour combo...I might make more Swoon blocks with the black, white and yellow...just sparkles!

  3. Great quilts! I have a ton of UFOs myself. Always seems that pinning them for quilting is the brick wall I run into!

  4. Those are both great quilts!! Enjoy learning your quilting machine ';)

  5. Oh Pretty!! I really like your box step. I've been eyeing that color combo for awhile and now that I see yours I know I just have to get me some.