13 August 2012

Design Wall Monday 8/13/2012

I actually have something on my design wall this week. I took a couple of days off to get some stuff done around the house after all of the company we have had...I still have more coming next week, but in the mean time I was busy.  I spent 2 days cleaning the boys bedrooms getting them ready for back to school.  I only had 1 big black trash bag full of trash and one full of goodwill stuff so not to bad. 

Anyway, I finished the top of my Birds Eye View quilt.  I thought it would only take me a day or so since I had all of the blocks and part of the center already put together.  Well, it ended up taking 3 days but the top is now done and it goes to the quilter on Friday....this quilt came out a lot bigger than I thought for some reason and working on it in the heat was not very fun.

I then did a store sample out of a panel.  From start to finish it may have taken me a total of 2 hours of course I machine sewed the binding down (one of these days I will get better at that).

I have one more sample to finish for the shop...the top is done I just have to quilt it. 

I hope to get that done today then it is of to work on DJ (I still have all 10 blocks to do for September) and then I have Sylvia's Bridal Sampler starting in September so I need to get the first 5 of those blocks done. I have over 20 done so far but I don't think they are the ones we are doing first.  I am going in order by column to get the quilt put together but I will be teaching out of order from easier ones to harder ones.

So between these chores and the back to school orientations this week, I think I will be pretty busy. Not to mention I still have to get school supplies, hair cuts etc..etc...

Hope everyone has a great sewing week and for more DWM's head on over to Judy's.



  1. Good to see your Bird's eye view. on DWM. Good luck on your Long-time Projects. I love making my SBS blocks. I always tried to do the easy Blocks, my Quilt Buddy challenged me to make the harder ones. We got it done in 9 months. Now I'm making a 30's SBS version along with my Farmers wife Sampler.

  2. NO DJ's done at all. So far behind I may be a Great Grandmother first! I'm ready for fall so I can plant it and sew! Momma B!

  3. Beautiful quilt and your store samplers are really cute!

  4. thank you for the comments..I am still waiting on my husband to figure out to comment individually...farmers wife is on the list for next years as well as pony club..I just have to push through and finish DJ and Sylvia's this year...aaggghhh...