09 August 2012

Isn't it cute

There is a surprise birthday party this Sunday so I had my mother make this for a gift for a friend to give the recipient.  Isn't it too cute?  I asked my mom when I would get one...she looked at me like I was nuts.  Oh well...

It is kind of hard to see all of the details, but I love the bolts of fabric she made and the lovely bench. If only I could live in a house that looks like this...

I have had most of this week off. I spent a day cleaning out the boys bedrooms. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Only one big black trash bag of trash and one for goodwill clothes.  It would really be nice if they would slow down on the growing.  My 13 year old is now in size 11 shoes..or should I say boats. I did decide that I probably wouldn't be knitting him a pair of socks anytime soon. It would be like making a cover for a boat...

I am now off to sew...I am almost finished with the Birds Eye View for sample at work..it will go to the quilter next week when she is back from vacation.  I decided to have her quilt it because it is huge.  I then will work on two quick samplers for the store and then off to work on some Dear Jane and some Sylvia's (since class starts next month and I am behind again as usual.)

I am trying to get caught up and ahead a little bit (haha) since I have company coming for two weeks. I also had football start (Tues - Fri) and soccer starts next week (Mon - Fri) so now cooking is difficult and my time is no longer my own. 

I still have tons of quilt tops for Waldo Canyon to quilt but I only have so many backings to use...oh well make do with what I got and go from there so hopefully I will have some finished soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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  1. You've done well little one! Take a deep breath and move forward! I'll be working, I hope, on a few DJs this weekend! Momma B