17 September 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 8

I finally have my first finish of the Waldo Canyon Quilts that have been sent in.  I tied the quilt together since it came to me ready to finish that way. Believe it or not tying quilts take a rather long time...well for me anyway. I do like it though since it is a little more portable.

As of today I have received 120 quilts of those 57 were completed and ready to deliver.  So that means that between now and who knows I have 63 to quilt but I have sent 9 out to volunteer long armers so that means I am now down to 54 quilts. I really am hoping to get as many of these done as possible by the end of the year.

I also have a ton of fabric and squares sent in to make tops..with all of these I may be able to get 10 more quilt tops out of them if not more. 

We have another delivery slated for October and at that time I will see how many more quilts are needed. I know that there were quilts coming in from all over and that they had quit a few at the last delivery in August.

Well, off to load a quilt on to the frame and then get another one ready to tie.

Have a great night everyone.


1 comment:

  1. Yes, tying a quilt top does take time. You have to have the right tools. A strong armed son and a pot of coffee! You've done well Baby Girl! Momma B!