24 January 2013

A Big Change

I can't believe I haven't posted since the new year. Well, actually I can. It has been really crazy here. With the way everything worked out I was unable to really start all of my New Year's ideas but I figure February will be just as good. At least I hope I will be ready to go by then.

Anyway, the big change in our life was that we finally bought our very first (and only) house. It was a whirlwind 6 weeks. We started looking mid December. By December 13 we put in and offer and we finally closed on the 14 January. Talk about quick. We were able to get everything moved in by the night of the 15th and actually slept in our new home.

I can say moving all of this fabric was not pleasant. I am still working my way through all of the boxes and have a minute by minute conversation with myself about all of this stuff. Let me tell you there is alot of this stuff too.

I used to have a living and dining room area for my quilting, well I did expand to other rooms but that is not the point. I now have a long arm room, a quilt room and a ton of storage space. I refuse to expand out of those areas so some tough love might be coming my way.

Here are some lovely pictures of the house in progress.

Hopefully by next week, since I have another week off of work, I will be ready to sew with just a few things left to do.

The long arm room..It is kind of a tight fit but that is ok. The closet (below) is to die for. Buy a couple more cubbies and I am all set. 

Long arm room closet.

Oh yeah! I thought I was getting the whole basement, which would include this room but for some reason hubby wanted a study. What could I say? Well, I thought about NO but figured that wouldn't go across very well.

Basement bathroom. I made this the boys bathroom so I wouldn't have them in mine any longer. It does mean the have to go down to shower and brush but my bathroom will no longer have the boy mess in it.

This is the view from my husbands study out. My computer is now down here and is taking a little to get used to.

This is the den area I guess you could call it. This is only a fraction of the boxes that were originally there. this was filled to the top.

My sewing room. The desk the TV is on is no longer there but I have plenty of room. Well, now that i took part of my sewing table apart to get it to fit.

A very weird hallway in the sewing room. The little wall on the right is not very wide and it just there. We think it is to hold some type of house things but who knows. I have since but some shelves on the left wall.

The other side of sewing room. The shelf on the wall now holds my Isacord threads, the futon (left here by previous owners) is out in the den, and my cutting table now resides there.

This little cubby is behind the door and held this bookshelf perfectly. I will be needing to get some of those precuts used soon. And those boxes on the bottom, just a small portion of my WIP"S or UFO's. I really do need to get busy.

This is a weird little room on the left as soon as you come downstairs. We put the boys computers in there, the cat box, and those shelves are going to hold office supplies and whatever else I can't find a home for.  How's that for organizing?

Another view of the den area. The bookshelves have been moved to another wall which now hold all of our movies, the long chest is now on the same wall and will hold some more of my stuff. The futon now resides on that wall temporarily.
These are just the downstairs photo's. Hopefully soon I can show completed pictures of the whole house and maybe get back to some cool quilty and knitty photos as well.
Have a blessed week everyone. I am off to unpack some more boxes.


  1. Congratulations on your new house!!!!

    Let me know your new address!! Joan

  2. Way to get organized. I'm so happy you found a place so quick! You have just a few Pre-cuts to play with. LOL I have to ask how much room between your rails on your Quilting Table?

  3. I wouldn't be too concerned about the "why did I buy that fabric" purchases just yet. Put them in a special "oh stop glaring at me" place and make up a charity quilt or two.

    Where's your yarn stash going to be?

    See you next week, Baby Girl! Momma B

  4. I am glad to see I am not the only one who collects jelly rolls. Nice space.

  5. Mary..my quilting table is a Bernina..with this table you can use up to a 17 in throat place machine. Mine is a Bailey and it is 15inches..hope that helps.