12 February 2013

Whatcha Reading

I am finally returning to a life of normalcy after the move, well almost anyway. I have been wanting to get back to blogging so here I am.

My whatcha reading for this week is a book I started Sunday and pretty much finished yesterday. My husband was laughing at me because I was sitting on the couch just "crying like a baby"...he just commented that I found another tear jerker to read. 

Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors. Although I must say I have to psyche myself up top read her books because 99% of the time I am in tears.

Home Front by Kristin Hannah was this weeks choice for me.

Home Front

You can read about this book on the link above.

I can say that this book had a different perspective on being deployed to Iraq.  This came from a woman's view and her deployment and how it upset her family.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a serious cry...lol..just keep a box of Kleenex close by.

For more "Whatcha Reading" head on over to Judy's. I have started keeping a little list next to the computer to write down some interesting reads...only because I have so much time..

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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  1. I'm reading a series, kinda like Sue Graftons ABC series. This one series I'm reading is set in Alpine up in the NW United States (Washington State, I think) cant remember the authors name but there it is!

    See ya Saturday, Momma B