09 September 2013

Design Wall Monday 9/9/13

I have been really busy these past two weeks. Between a friend visiting, soccer, football and school work I have not touched the sewing machine.

I did, however, finish my little hexie top.  I have never done English Paper Piecing before and I absolutely love it, my hands unfortunately don't.

I started this project probably a good 6 months ago. I now just have to starch it and stitch it onto the background fabric and I will have a nifty little table topper.

I used those fun little mini charm packs and my handy Aurifil thread. I cut my hexagons with my Accuquilt Cutter.

I ran out of fabric so placed a white in the middle. If I would have though about it I would have bought a FQ or to finish it more like a diamond. I decided I didn't need another mini charm pack for 8 more hexies so I am leaving as is. I will use a yellow as the background and I might even try my hand at with some big stitch hand quilting.
Hopefully now that life has calmed down to a slight roar I will get some things posted that I finished and some more things done. I am now off to cut a kit for work.
Enjoy the day and for more DW head on over to Judy's.


  1. I enjoy English Paper piecing too. What size were your Hexies cut with you Accuquilt?

    1. I used the 2 in die so that I could use the 2.5 inch squares. My die cutter has 2, 3, and 5 inches.