20 September 2013

On The Needles 9/20/13

Not a lot of knitting going on. Well to be honest not a lot of anything going on with being in high school again. Who would have thought I would be taking Algebra, German, Science and World History again this late in life. First child didn't need much help, 3rd child is still doing ok, it is that loving middle child that is taking all of my evening time. You know, the time I usually sit and do handwork or knit. Hopefully it will get easier. I mean we have only been in school for a month and I am already losing my mind.

Any who, while I had company here I decided to do some simple knitting. So I found some yarn and made a dish cloth. Nothing fancy but it was only the second time I actually made one. I hope to get many more done. I think they will make neat gifts.

The weird thing is while I was knitting away on this one, talking to my friend watching baseball I noticed something odd. After a time my brand new wood needles were tinted blue and then I realized so were my fingers and my nails. It dawned on me it was from the yarn. I figured that meant when I went to wash the thing my water would be really blue. Nope, I soaked my rag and not a bit of dye ran. I guess it came all off on my fingers before hand. Who would have thunk it?

I love the way it looks especially how different from front to back.
Off to do some me things before the pasta party tonight. What was I thinking? I will have 30 some high school boys in my house for pasta. Oh I hope it is nice outside so I can herd them out the door.
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  1. Love the yarn and the way it knitted up. That is weird that there was no dye in the water after seeing it on your hands and needles.

    1. I thought it was very weird also. Who knows.

  2. What yarn did you use? I love the colors and how they pool with this stitch pattern.

    1. The yarn is Sugar n Cream Psychedelic and the pattern came from Leisure Arts Kitchen Bright Dishcloths. I still have enough to do another dish cloth just haven't found a pattern or the time. LOL..