06 December 2013

On The Needles 12/6/2013

I can actually say off the needles this week. I finished the "correct" pair of mittens for my niece. I have one more to make, mitten that is, and I will be done. I actually cast on a mini scarf as well but I forgot to take a picture of that. I might finish it. I might not.

I didn't think I would ever get those lovely little mittens done. If you want to read about the complete fiasco on these little things you can go here.
I figure I will just blame Judy anyway. If she hadn't made these cute little mittens I would not have had the desire to try. But, I did it and I am not so intimidated now. Well, maybe a little gun shy still.
I am either off to make another mitten or to cast on something new. I mean I only have two things on the needles now, socks and moms cardigan, I think another will be perfect. I seem to work better in threes.
For more needle goodies head on over to Judy's.


  1. well done!!!! great color for a little girl

    1. Thank you. I just get so tired of the pinks and purples. Guess that was why the Good Lord only gave me boys, 3 of them too. Get my girl fix with the nieces.

  2. Nice color! They look nice a toasty, warm, too!

  3. Working in threes sounds good to me. These are very pretty!