24 July 2014

A little gift.

I am teaching, I say that loosely, Loyal Union Sampler at work. I have 2 classes a month and it will go for 18 months. I can say that none of my classes are quick. Dear Jane took almost 3 years, and Sylvia's will be over in August after 2 years. I think I will take a break for awhile from teaching any other classes, besides I haven't found anything I really want to do.

Anyway, I decided every once in a while to make a gift for the drawing I have every month. So last month, well probably the month before, I whipped these little bad boys up.

I think they are so cute. It was a pattern I received from the Loopy Ewe with one of my fabric orders. I think I might like to make them a little bigger next time. They are just the cutest little magnets and look lovely on the fridge.

You can get 4 out of 1 mini charm pack (well, you have to add one square) so that is an awesome idea for those little things.

The bright one is the one I made out of the fabric that came with the pattern. 

Not bad for something quick and simple and the gals liked them especially the ones that won them.


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