25 July 2014

On the Needles Friday 7/25/2014

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted.

I worked a couple of Friday's and forgot to post, my birthday fell on another one, and last week I had to have a tooth pulled.

I have to work today but I made sure to get this ready before hand for a change.

I finished Camp Loopy 1, early too I might add, which for me is a shocker.

Wingspan done. I did have to buy another skein to finish go figure.

I also started Hermione's Everyday Sock. I am using an Opal yarn from my stash. I know can you believe it. I have never worked with 2 circulars before. I really am liking it. It is also the first time I have actually used sock yarn and not the original pattern I was taught with. I really want to get back to these but I had to put them on the back burner for Camp Loopy 2. 

It's is really hard to get a good picture here in the basement but it will have to do because it is the coolest part in the house right now. I have no AC and right now we are sitting at a pretty 90 - which is supposed to be like this through the weekend. Yuck.

My camp Loopy 2 project gave me some grief. I didn't like the original pattern I chose with the yarn I am using. So of course I changed everything around thinking I was ok. Went to order what I needed for Camp Loopy 3 and realized the yarn I was using was not purchased at the right time. Crap...back to other yarn and new pattern. It is a simple pattern which for me is what I need since I am a turtle knitter but this one is BORING and seemed to take forever.

For the next challenge I am making a baby blanket. I think that is the quickest way to use up the yardage required for me.  I also am suffering from tennis elbow or as I refer to it...remodel the house elbow..so I really shouldn't be knitting anyway.

For more needle fun head on over to Judy's .

I have some awesome stuff for Yarn stash to report to. Just loving my new yarn and can't wait to get into it.


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  1. Your Wingspan is gorgeous! I need to try that pattern. Oh, if only I could knit faster..... Very fun socks, too!