26 July 2014

A Little Quicker Than I Thought

Someone requested a quilt. I am not going to mention any names for their safety. I had already planned on making one. I thought about the time frame (baby not due until Sept) and what I had on my plate and figured OK I got this.  I should of known.

Yeah, the little man is not due until Sept. but the baby shower is in June. Hello!! Seriously!!!

Well, all the planning went out the window and everything else was put on hold. No painting, no nothing I will just have to live with the bedroom and half of the bathroom crap still being in the living room. No worries, just don't look in the front window and don't be expecting and invite anytime soon.

I decided on a pattern and was already to go. Then the night before I get a text with the "colors" and the "theme" . Seriously!!! Hello!!! If I didn't love that girl and she lived much closed I can say she might have been in some deep kimshi. So, there goes the plan. Right out the window. Again. (She was also lucky I hadn't already bought the fabric or she would of ended up with what I wanted not what they chose)

New plan, new fabric and a lot of crazy cutting and sewing and hair pulling.  But, it was finished on time and mailed to get the shower in time.

It was a good thing she liked it....that's all I am saying.

So, even though I am not here I am busy. Good thing is I cut back my hours at work so maybe I can get more done. We shall see.

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