21 March 2015

Loyal Union Sampler - update

I am really behind on posting about this one. I am really loving the quilt but at the same time I can not wait to be done. We have been working on this since last August and these blocks are not always easy. I have to rows left to do and I am hoping to be finished by the middle of April. Way ahead of schedule but not soon enough. One row a month gets kind of tiring after awhile.

Once the last 2 rows are on there will be a small muslin border. My outer border will be piano keys. I have been cutting strips off of every fabric I have used but I might have to go back and cut more. I don't think I will have enough. But hey it is progress.


  1. I havent' got any rows completely done yet. Mine is Blue and White Scrappy. You were samart to add the sashings as you went along. Piano Key Border sounds good to me.