24 March 2015

Little Finishes

I have a coworker. She is the sweetest thing in the world. She has left me. She is off gallivanting around having a wonderful time at a retreat with Jo Morton. I wish her the best of times but....that means I have to teach my classes and her classes. This mean I have a very long Saturday. I will be doing Jo's club, then lunch (yay) , Pomegranate Lane, Loyal Union Sampler, and finally my Mystery.

Luckily I love all of the ladies who are pretty much going to be with be all day. There are a couple that leave and of course a couple of more that come in. It just depends on the classes they are in.

So I had to get some samples done. Well I could have just borrowed Deb's but what the heck right.

Burgoyne Star.  I was going to make it into a pillow but it was a little big for me. I finished this in one day, including the quilting and the binding.
As I was putting the last stitches in the binding I did notice that 2 of my blocks were wrong. Oh well what can you do. This will go on a table somewhere. I do plan on making this block into a big quilt eventually.
Antiquity - No matter how I try I always get the fabrics out of order and they end up next to each other. I even sewed these together web-style, which I hate, and it still didn't help.

Baby- T - this one was done for about 5 months. I just had to sew the binding down. I finally finished it. 

I love the fact that I do get things done. Just not as much as I would like of course.