05 May 2016

Knitted Finishes.

Loopy Academy projects are starting to get done.

I finally finished my socks for Loopy Academy a couple of weeks ago. They are Saltwater Taffy by Julie Spins. I really enjoyed doing these even though they are just vanilla socks. It was my first time ever doing magic loop. I did one at a time cuff down and had no holes or ladders. My mom didn't think I made them. Go figure.

Saltwater Taffy Socks 

Needed a project done in two colors. I chose Zaria - I only did 2 repeats of the lace and mine came out a lot smaller than the pattern. I am happy with it though.

Downtown Cowl - Extra project for Academy only needed to use 200 yards. I chose Socks That Rock in medium weight colorway Clickey Clack. I think this will be my go to cowl to where to work since it is so colorful and will go with almost anything.

I finished this way back in August 2015 and never took a picture. It is Samadhi  and I really loved the color. It is MJ Yarns in Tumbleweed. Although Knitting 5 together was a pain I really love the way it looks. 

I love when I get a lot of pictures of things done and posted. It really makes it look like I am just rocking those needles. We won't discuss how long these things actually took though.

I am off to work on my last Academy project....a boring hat.


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