01 May 2016

Stash Report 4 - March/April 2016

I decided to change and do my reports every month and then I forgot to do March (not that I did a bunch). So I am just going to combine March and April. Who knows, it may make my reports look really good.

My friend Deb went to Jo Morton retreat and found me a couple of fabrics I had been looking for so that was a total of 2.25 yards.

I finished my quilt for my Pre-Cut Party Class (May) - 5.34yds out.
I finished my Cheddar Baskets for Jo's Club - 1.5 yds out.
Fabric came in for Loopy Academy extra credit - 2.5 yds in.
Frivols #8 - Brio - Bread n Butter Line - 1.35 + 5.24 = 6.59 in
I finished my top for Pre-cut Party Class (June) - 3.25 yds out

So I had 10.10 yds out and 9.10 in - not too goo
Fabric Used this Month: 10.10 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 51.25 yards
Fabric Added this Month: 9.10 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 53.18 yards
Net Fabric for 2016: -1.93 yards used not to bad..still need to use more

Lots of yarn in of course - 

Sweet Georgia Bulletproof Sock - Tooth Fairy (437)
Fibernymph Dye Works - Longest Night (400)
Sweet Georgia Bulletproof Sock - Smitten (437) 
from left to right 
Fibernyph Dye Works Bounce - Froot Loops (400)
Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce - Soft Kitty (400)
Blue Moon Socks That Rock  MW - Clickety Clack (405)

Yarn came in for Loopy Academy Extra Credit - 405yds in
I finished my Loopy Academy - Socks - 400yds out.

 I finished my Azel Pullover for my neice - 375yds out. 
I also received more of Vintage Apron and Naussau Blue - 790 yds
I finished my Loopy Academy - 2 colors - Zaria - 400yds
 Completed by Hornet Socks - 400 yds out
I finished my Camp Loopy Extra Credit - 270 yds out.

I went to the Loopy Fling - not good my numbers are now never going to be the same.
Hedgehog Fibers - Oracle, Crybaby, Boombox - 1311 yards ni
Madeline Tosh Light - Edison Bulb, Fathom, Nassau blue, Neon Red, Dirty Panther and Grey Grey Owl - 3360 yards in
Universal Cotton Supreme - Lime - 540 yards in
Shalimar Yarns Breathless - Concorde Grape, Sno Pea - 1680 yards in
Baah LaJolla - Tequila Lime, Spring Stripes - 800 yards in
FiberNymph Dye Works - Lucky Cat, Sassypants, Carnivale - 1200 yards in
Kauni - Blue, MultiBlue - 1312 yards in
Wollmeise Lace - Pfefferminz Prinz, Rosenrot - 3444 yards in
Wollmeise Pure - Om Kalten Polar, 26FE, Gewitterhimmel, Mauseballet - 2870 yards in
Wollmeise Twin - Himbeere, Libelle, Der Letzte Versuch - 1530 yards in
Malabrigo Unicorn Tails - 52 yards in
Dream Everlasting Sock - Hello Dolly 400 yds in
Blue Moon Tigger Targhee - Magically Delicious - 300 yds in
Fiber Nymph Dye Works Inversibles - 400 yds in
Last three were gifts.
GRAND TOTAL IN - 19199 yards

Yarn Used this Month: 1845 yards

Yarn Used year to Date: 2845 yards
Yarn Added this Month: 20394 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 22039 yards

Net Yarn for 2016: -19194 yards used Must knit faster must start a yarn diet.

For more stash reports which I am sure will look much better than mine for the rest of the century head on over to Judy's

Michelle - who must go knit to reduce these numbers down...

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  1. Your yarns are beautiful! You must enhance the stash to keep it fresh.