15 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Quilted With Love, one of the online groups I belong to holds a scavenger hunt in the fall.  We all sign up, get the list and are given the name to send to.  Our list this year was...

1. an apple
2. something brown
3. napkins
4. something leafy
5. a snack
6. a sunflower
7. note cards
8. something re gifted from our sewing room
9. pair of socks
10. spool of fall coloured thread

Well I received just the neatest things and they really came at a blah day as well. 

The pin cushion is just awesome, since I collect them it is even better. I also loved the scarf - it will be great here in the frozen tundra of Colorado.

I love the fact that the sunflower cookie cutter came with a recipe, and the "leafy" cake decorations are loved by my boys along with the Halloween ones. I will enjoy the nuts if I can keep my boys away from them.

So when you are feeling down getting gifts in the mail is a great way to make you feel ooh lala...

We are starting a secret sister as well and it is just so fun picking things out for others.

Hope you all enjoy the little glimpse into my happy moment of the day.

Although I can say my son almost didn't make it through the day, the package came wrapped in bubble wrap...needless to say my nosey son snagged it up in a jiffy and proceeded to pop it on and off all afternoon....and of course it was always when I wasn't paying attention....so I kept jumping around today thinking gun shots were going off.... he can get them to pop really loud.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. enjoy your blog, michelle! i too am mostly a self-taught quilter, started sewing on a machine at age 8 and in 1979 got into quilting, lots of trial and error but it's a grand excursion!